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Powertime: Activate Wealth Creation & Radiant Health

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 PST

“There are astronomically significant times when Vishnu’s energy becomes available, when he gives blessings to people. He descends into the Earth plane on those days. It’s a very, very rare phenomenon that occurs. The Yogis and Siddhas look forward to a very auspicious time like this.

Vishnu is the Lord of the Earth plane. He is totally in charge of creating matter — which is car, home, luxury — all of these things are associated with Vishnu.” – Dr. Pillai


11th Moons are powertimes for Vishnu, Archetype of Wealth. According to tradition, these are great times to connect with him through meditation and fasting.

This particular 11th Moon is the most auspicious of the year. It’s called Vaikunta Ekadasi, a time when Vishnu opens the gates to his home, which he shares with Wealth Goddess Lakshmi.

The Moon will be in Ashwini, a star of health and healing, before transitioning into Bharani, the star of the cycle of birth and death. This makes Tuesday a great day to connect with Vishnu for good health and for letting go of thoughts that limit your wealth.

Feed Vishnu for Wealth Consciousness with Fire Labs

Dr. Pillai explains the Law of Reciprocity:

“In the Bhagavad Gita, there is a very important teaching about prosperity. Krishna, who is a form of Vishnu, tells Arjuna about the secret of prosperity. He says ‘You have to feed the Gods.’ If you feed the Gods, then they are obligated to you to give back in return for your offering of food to them.

These deities, or Gods and Goddesses, do exist. Once you have satisfied them with offerings, they will come and give you abundance. That’s why I am very particular about promoting Fire Labs. Fire Labs are the means through which you can communicate with the Divine and send your offerings to them.”


Chant Vishnu’s mantra: Om Namo Narayanaya. It’s pronounced ohm NAH-mo nah-rah-yah-NAH-yah. This invokes Vishnu’s blessings for wealth, material comforts, and health.

Fast on the 11th Moon. This powertime is especially good for fasting. You don’t need a total fast. Some fruit and juice is OK. The goal of the fasting is to remain alert so you can connect with Vishnu and Wealth Consciousness.


Join the Vaikunta Ekadasi 2018 Fire Prayers for Wealth, Prosperity Boons, and Spiritual Awakening on Tuesday, December 18th PST UTC IST. We will have a full day of offerings on this most auspicious 11th Moon of the year. Choose the package that suits your needs and budget. Enjoy the benefits from home, via ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology, and tune in to the live webcast.

Join the Enjoy Material Comforts and Activate Wealth-Creation Interactive Fire Lab on Tuesday, December 18 PST UTC IST. In this single Fire Lab, our expert Vedic priests will invoke Vishnu to help you achieve good health and prosperity consciousness on the greatest 11th Moon of the year. Enroll by 2:30am PST on Tuesday, December 18.

Join the Vishnu’s Gates of Heaven course, which is dedicated to Vaikunta Ekadasi. You will learn all the ways to connect with Vishnu during, his greatest 11th Moon powertime, and throughout the year. You will receive Dr. Pillai’s teachings through video, audio, transcripts, mantra loops, guided meditations, and lifetime access to the membership site.


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