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“The 11th Moon in Sanskrit is called Ekadasi, which really means the 11th Moon. Eleven is a number that represents abundance. There is a lot of mythology around this 11th Moon, which is particularly associated with Vishnu. Vishnu is the God of the 11th Moon.” – Dr. Pillai

During the July 12 (PDT) 11th Waxing Moon powertime, the Moon will be in Vishakha, the star of courage and luxury.  It is a great time to invoke Vishnu, the Archetype of Wealth, to help increase and secure material comforts.

During the upcoming 11th Waxing Moon, Pillai Center’s Vedic priests will invoke both Vishnu and Kubera. Kubera is a wealth archetype. Dr. Pillai says, “Kubera is the banker of heaven. He is in charge of wealth, so it is important that we pay attention to him. Kubera is a very important deity, and that is why we have organized this Fire Lab for Kubera.”


Mantra & At-Home Practice

Chant Vishnu’s mantra: Om Namo Narayanaya. It is pronounced ohm NAH-mo nah-rah-yah-NAH-yah. This invokes Vishnu’s blessings for wealth, material comforts, and health.

Do a Partial Fast on the 11th Moon. This powertime is especially good for fasting. You do not need a total fast. Some fruit and juice is OK. The goal of fasting is to remain alert so you can connect with Vishnu and wealth consciousness. (Please speak with your health professional before making changes to your diet.)

Chant Kubera’s mantra: Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha. It is pronounced ohm hreem shreem hreem koo-bayr-AH-yah NAH-mah-hah.


Powertime Enhancers

Join the Energize Success Consciousness Interactive Fire Lab on Friday, July 12 PDT UTC IST. Our expert Vedic priests will invoke Vishnu to help you protect and increase your prosperity. Enjoy the benefits from home, via ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology, and tune in to the live webcast.

Join the Kubera Fire Lab for Financial Growth and Fortune on Friday, July 12 IST. This is a very special Fire Lab series. You can join the group Fire Lab or receive your own individual services.


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