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Powertime: Full Moon for Attracting & Strengthening Romance

Wednesday, March 20 PDT

“The upcoming Full Moon is a very important time frame because it teaches about the role of relationships. Just as there are weddings on the Earth plane, there are weddings in Heaven too. The God and Goddess celebrate their wedding at this time. 

It is the time that you can rectify remedy problems in a relationship whether you are married, or you are living with someone, or you don’t have a relationship. This is a time you can correct the problems with your relationship by participating in divine wedding rituals. So take advantage of this and participate in the divine rituals that are being done to connect with the Divine.” – Dr. Pillai


This Wednesday is a special Full Moon that is believed to attract or strengthen relationships. The Full Moon is a special annual Moon called Panguni Uthiram, and it celebrates the marriages of two divine couples.

We will be hosting Fire Labs, a marriage ceremony, and other offerings on March 20 PDT to honor these couples. Special prayers on this day are said to heal relationship karma, attract relationships, and strengthen joy and harmony within relationships. There will also be a western Full Moon Fire Lab led by a Pillai Center teacher from North America.

Keep reading to learn some special mantras you can use at home on this day and how to join the group celebrations virtually.


Celebrate 2 Divine Marriages

Muruga & Devasena

Muruga is the Pleiadean Spiritual Warrior Archetype who is often depicted with six heads – each one symbolizing a different part of the brain. He was born from the 3rd Eye of Shiva and represents awakening of the 3rd Eye and brain. His divine intelligence purifies karma and destroys inner enemies.

Davasena is Muruga’s first wife. She is sometimes known as Devayanai, which means “celestial elephant.” She was raised by an elephant named Airavata.


Shiva & Parvati

Shiva is known as the Destroyer of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. What does he destroy. He destroys karma and the thought patterns that bring misfortune. He cares for nothing other than enlightenment.

Parvati is Shiva’s wife. She is known by many as the Goddess of Relationships. It is believed that connecting with her attracts and heals relationships and strengthens family life.


Mantras for Love & Romance this Full Moon

Kleem Attraction Mantra

Chant “Kleem,” the mantra of attraction. You can use it to attract a lover or to breathe new life into your existing relationship. If your relationship cannot be repaired, then it may nudge you toward a healthier one. Go long on this syllable: kleeeeeeeeeemmmmmmm. Let its momentum build through repetition and note any special hunches or insights.


Sita & Rama Mantra

Chant ‘Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram’. They are pronounced SEE-tah and rahm. Sita and Rama are the Divine Couple of virtue, truth, courage, and alignment with Dharma (Divine Purpose). Together, they can strengthen and purify your relationship and help you realize your true purpose as a couple.


Radha & Krishna Mantra

Chant Radhe Bol Hari Bol, Radhe Bol Hari Bol. It’s pronounced RAHD-hay bowl HAH-ree bowl. Radha and Krishna symbolize the bond between human lovers and the bond between humans and God. They also represent the worldly and material joys of existence. They can bring spiritual bliss and they can dissolve poverty consciousness.

Dr. Pillai says,

“Krishna will completely envelope you. Radha and Krishna cannot be separated. Both of them are into creating a fantastic reality… Within a few months [of chanting] you will see – through the magic of Krishna, through the magic of Radha – things will change dramatically in your life. Because… this energy is so compassionate, and it has complete control over the material world.”


Join Us for Divine Wedding Celebrations for the Gods & Goddesses & You

Wednesday, March 20, 7:45 pm PDT

This year, we are offering special relationship Yantras (sacred geometric designs on copper plates) that are believed to help you achieve a happy relationship or attract the right one 24 hours per day. A Yantra is like a continuous mantra that never stops. It is tuned to specific divine frequencies and archetypes through sacred geometry.

The Yantras will be energized during the following services:

  • 5-Priest Radha Krishna Fire Lab to Strengthen Love and Relationships
  • 6-Priest Fire Lab to Improve Unity and Happiness in Relationship
  • Prayers to Lord Muruga at Powerspot to Dissolve Relationship Karma
  • Prayers to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati at Powerspot
  • Prayers to Lord Muruga & Devasena at Powerspot
  • Individual Fire Lab to Venus, the Relationship Planet

You can enjoy the benefits from home thanks to ancient Vedic proxy (surrogate, distance) technology. You can also tune in live. You’re also welcome to join the Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab, which is led by a western Pillai Center teacher. Choose the second link to join separately.


Learn More & Join the Prayer Offerings


Join the Western Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab


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