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The powertime on Monday, August 13, is for celebrating the union between the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype, Shiva, and his wife and Relationships Archetype, Parvati.

It happens each year in the Tamil month of Aadi, when the Moon is in the star Purva Phalguni, a star associated with relationship blessings. The star is called Pooram in Tamil. In Tamil Nadu, the day is known as Aadi Pooram.

Shiva and Parvati can bless you with harmony in your relationship(s) during Aadi Pooram.


Chant Parvati’s Maha Mantra 108 times: Om Kleem Parvatiye Namaha

It’s pronounced ohm kleem pahr-vah-tee-YAY NAH-mah-hah. You can chant it any multiple of 108 times to create more loving relationships, or to attract a new one. Parvati’s Bija (seed) syllable is Kleem, which is a mantra in itself for attracting new, healthy relationships.


Join the Blessings for a Warm and Tender Relationship with Your Partner Interactive Fire Lab on August 13th PDT UTC IST. The Vedic priests will invoke Shiva and Parvati on your behalf.

Join the year-long program to fix your relationship problems or attract a new relationship. Whether you’re single or spoken for, these targeted Mars and Venus ceremonies can remove obstacles that create bad relationships or a lack of relation nships. The yearlong program includes three Astrology readings to pinpoint your most problematic relationship karma and solutions.


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