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Powertime: Narasimha Mantra Solves Difficult Problems

Monday, December 3 PST

“Narasimha is an Archetype that can be called upon anytime, not only for fixing one’s beauty, but also for any intense problem. There are nine different forms of Narasimha. We are going to invoke him through special prayers.” – Dr. Pillai 


Narasimha, the lion-man archetype, represents Vishnu’s fiercest energy. According to scriptures, he can fight off your enemies and misfortunes and create new opportunities for abundance, health, and prosperity.

During a specific monthly powertime, our Vedic priests will conduct 9 months of Fire Labs and prayer offerings, dedicated to each of the 9 forms of Narasimha, to invoke their unique blessings on behalf of sponsors.

The First Round of 9 Forms of Narasimha

Prayer Offerings takes place on December 3 PST

Sign Up by December 3 at 3:00 pm PST to Sponsor  





In this video, Dr. Pillai guides you through the Angel Narasimha Chant for Solving Difficult Problems.

Narasimha, a half-lion is an Angel who comes and rescues people in difficulty. Use this chant whenever you are confronted with problems with no easy solution.

Meet the 9 Forms of Narasimha

A sacred scripture called Narasimha Purana introduces us to the 9 forms Narasimha, and the blessings they offer to devotees.

  • Sri Ugra Narasimha helps you over competitors in your professional life, especially in business, and gain the courage to overcome all kinds of fear.
  • Sri Yoga Narasimha bestows peace, mutual harmony, relief from difficulties, and eternal bliss.
  • Sri Jwala Narasimha gives good health, success in endeavors, and removal of marriage obstacles.
  • Sri Bhargava Narasimha improves your leadership qualities and authoritative positions in politics and administration.
  • Sri Krodha Narasimha removes obstacles and assures success, especially in real estate business and land disputes.
  • Sri Pavana Narasimha absolves sins committed in your present and past lives and fills your life with love and compassion.
  • Sri Malola Narasimha offers wealth, peace, and harmony, and clears all kinds of debts.
  • Sri Chatravata Narasimha increases your proficiency and excellence in music and arts and ensures abundant crops and a stable economy.
  • Sri Karanja Narasimha fulfills your desires and offers protection from enemies.





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