Powertime: Triple Birthday Full Moon

Friday, May 17 – Saturday, May 18 PDT

“The Full Moon is the Moon to get involved in acts of prosperity. It’s the time to get involved in the mundane world and ask for material blessings. Then you have that energy – anything to do with starting a new business, or buying clothes or houses, things like that. Praying for that would be appropriate for this time because it is very conducive for those activities.” – Dr. Pillai


Friday’s Full Moon is called Buddha Purnima because it is the day we celebrate his birth and his enlightenment. This year, the Full Moon powertime also closely coincides with the birthdays of Narasimha and Muruga.

  • Narasimha is the lion-headed archetype of Vishnu, God of Wealth. He is known to act as a ferocious protector who rescues people from extremely difficult problems. He is also known as an enhancer of inner and outer beauty.
  • Muruga is the Pleiadian spiritual warrior archetype who represents awakening of your Third Eye and conquering internal enemies with divine insight.
  • Buddha, of course, represents awakening and liberation from karma.


Friday’s Full Moon is Excellent for:

  • Awakening your brain’s full potential and your Third Eye
  • Conquering your worst and trickiest problems
  • Feeling and being beautiful
  • Chanting Shreem Brzee to invite blessings that dissolve poverty consciousness


Our expert Vedic priests are planning very special Fire Prayers to invoke Narasimha and Muruga on May 16 and 17 PDT, respectively.

Full Moons are also powertimes for Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth.  During every Full Moon powertime, students of Dr. Pillai chant the Shreem Brzee wealth mantra, individually or in groups, during a Fire Lab led by a western Pillai Center teacher.

Pillai Center offers opportunities for group activities on Full Moons because praying and chanting in groups is said to multiply your manifesting efforts. We will celebrate the Full Moon with an eastern and western Fire Lab plus lots of birthday services. See details below for joining all the services.



Use Lakshmi’s wealth mantra: Shreem Brzee. It invokes the Goddess to help you eliminate poverty consciousness and attract spiritual and material wealth. Chant it as often as possible, even while shopping or when waiting in line to pay for your Slurpee.

Chant Muruga’s mantra: Om Saravanabhava. It’s pronounced ohm sah-rah-vah-nah-BAH-vah. You can ask Muruga to improve your health, conquer your internal enemies, and/or awaken your brain and 3rd Eye.

Invoke Narasimha with his Maha Mantra: Om Narasimhaya Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm nah-rah-sim-HAH-yah NAH-mah-hah. Enlist him as your protector or problem-solver. He is also believed to remove inner and outer ugliness and enhance beauty.



Join the Narasimha’s Birthday Fire Prayers on Friday, May 17 IST. Join our Vedic priests as they invoke Narasimha on your behalf to invite blessings of protection, removal of ugliness and darkness, and destruction of complex obstacles and problems.

Join the Muruga’s Birthday Fire Prayers on the evening of May 18 PDT. The Vedic priests will perform special services to invoke Muruga’s blessings, which are said to include Third Eye awakening and conquering all kinds of karma with divine illumination.

Join the North America-based Shreem Brzee Full Moon Fire Lab on Friday, May 17 PDT. It will be led by one of Dr. Pillai’s western teachers. Chanting Shreem Brzee in groups is said to multiply its blessings. Participant Aynes Narciso says, “I love the intensity of the Goddess energy that came through. Thank you!”

The Vedic priests in India invite you to join another event, the Courage to Aspire for Outrageous Prosperity Interactive Fire Lab on Saturday, May 18 PDT.


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