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pradhosham and its significance

What is Pradosham

Pradosham is a vital powertime occurring during the 13th phase of the Moon. Pradosham is the 1.5 hours before sunset on the 13th Moon phase and occurs twice a month. This time is ideal to worship Lord Shiva and is the time of spiritual awakening and open your consciousness to a new reality and existence. Pradosham signifies the spiritual awakening from the material enjoyment and comforts.

Dr. Pillai explains the significance of this vital powertime as, “Every Pradosham time is the powertime for you to wake up, even if you don’t meditate on a daily basis. If you are aware of the Pradosham time and observe it by meditating during the Pradosham time, you can be liberated from this unconscious life.”

Legends of Pradosham

There is an interesting legend that explains the origin of the Pradosham powertime. At a particular situation during the primordial times, the Devas and Asuras agreed to churn the milky ocean together to get ‘Amrut,’ the divine nectar capable of offering immortality.

As they commenced the process of churning, it stretched over days, and various celestial gifts emerged out of the ocean of milk. Some of the celestial beings that came from the ocean included, Airavata the celestial elephant, Goddess Lakshmi, Kamadhenu, the divine cow and much more. However, as the churning progressed, a dangerous poison, causing irritation and suffocation, and emitting deadly fumes, came out of the ocean.

Both Devas and asuras surrendered to Lord Shiva and sought his intervention to save them from the dreaded poison. Out of compassion towards everyone, Lord Siva pitied both Devas and Asuras and drank the poison to end their suffering. Shocked by the events, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Shiva’s consort, caught Lord Shiva’s throat by her hands, and the poison stopped in Lord’s throat and stayed there.

Pradosham is when Lord Siva drank the poison and saved all beings of the world from destruction. It is believed that when Siva descends into the earth plane into the consciousness of people and gives them spiritual awareness. Thus, pradosham liberates a person from an unconscious mind to a conscious and aware mind. This powertime time can also be helpful to dissolve your bad money karma.

Things to do during Pradosham

  • During Pradosham, praying to Lord Shiva and his mount, Nandhi is considered very sacred.
  • Visit a Shiva Powerspot during pradosham time and remain there for the 1.5 hours of Pradosham.
  • Chant the mantras, ‘Om Namah Shivaaya’ and ‘Thiruneelakandam’
  • Perform ‘Somaskandha Pradhikshana’ around the temple.
  • Offer milk, honey, curd, rose water, etc., for the hydration ceremonies of Lord Shiva and Nandhi.
  • Chant ‘Siva Purana’ during the Pradosham time.
  • Meditate on Lord Shiva and be immersed in his thoughts.

What are the benefits of Pradoshams falling on different days

Pradosham may fall on any day of the week. Each pradosham has special significance and is believed to bestow unique blessings on the devotees. Here are the names of the different Pradosham days and their unique benefits:

1. Soma Pradosham: the Pradoshams falling on Monday are known as Soma Pradosham. Worshipping Lord Shiva on this day would erase negativity from your life. Generally, Monday is considered very auspicious for Lord Shiva’s worship, and hence Soma Pradosham is a significant day.

2. Bhauma Pradosham: Pradosham falling on a Tuesday is Bhaum Pradosham. Worshipping Shiva on this Pradosham is known to cure illnesses. For people wishing to gain overall physical health and prosperity, Bhaum Pradosh is a perfect day.

3. Saumya Pradosham: Wednesdays’ Pradoshams are known as Saumya Vaara Pradosham. Devotees worship Lord Shiva on this day to enhance their knowledge and skill. The students worshipping Lord Shiva during this pradosham will find it easy to concentrate on their studies.

4. Guruvaara Pradosham: Guruvaara Pradosham falls on Thursdays and is a perfect day to seek spiritual success from Lord Shiva. This Pradosham puja will offer you protection against existing dangers and concerns.

5. Sukravaara Pradosham: this Pradosham is also known as Bhrigu Vaara Pradosham. Worshipping Lord Shiva during the Sukravaara pradosham eliminates the negativities in your life and erases your bad money karma.

6. Shani Pradosham: Shani Pradosham falls on Saturdays and is considered very significant. Devotees pray to Lord Shiva on Shani Pradosham to be freed from the malefic effects of Lord Shani. Those who perform Pradosha puja on this day would experience career progress and satisfaction in family life.

7. Bhanu Vaara Pradosham: Bhaanu Vaara pradoshams fall on Sundays bring peace and longevity to the devotees. Those who are facing health problems can worship Lord Shiva and Lord Surya during this Pradosham.

During Pradosham Pillai Center organizes special ceremonies to overcome your negativity and bad karma. You may reach out to us to know more. Please sign up for details.




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