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Next Month is Guru Poornima, the most powerful night of the year to access the Grace of the Guru, or Spiritual preceptor.

To prepare for this grand celestial event, and to ensure maximum blessings for the whole world, Dr. Pillai is recording a new series of video clips, the topic will be PROSPERITY …



“For the next 30 days beginning from today, I’m going to do video clips for you exclusively on prosperity, and it is a great day to begin the first video because it is the Full Moon day and that partly happens under the Anurhada star.

Anurhada brings with it the energy of incredible prosperity. So it is Anuradha inspiring me to do this video clip, just to help the world.

There are energy dynamics going on in the universe, and yogis were able to see that energy and came up with what you can do to access that energy in order to make your life one with prosperity and happiness.

Thanks to all their help, this is the reason why I value Astrology … because it is the study of time and the study of energy.

But unfortunately, most spiritual teachers today, they kind of have an attitude towards Astrology as a superstition, although as I have many times mentioned the Supreme Court of India, the University grants commission of India, have both agreed along with the parliament.

People who are really uninformed are those who are ridiculing this.

But I want you to look at the star and the energy very objectively …

And I’ll be the first one to reject it if it is based on superstition.

But anyway, that’s not the point. The point is I’m going to be doing a lot of videos, at least 30 videos until Guru Purnima which is the next Full moon on July 12th, which is the big full moon of the Guru called Guru Poornima.

Choose AND Manifest

Most people, especially elite people, have been influenced by the teaching that you should have Choiceless Awareness: That you should be only able to watch thoughts and not be influenced by it.

This has gained popularity and some traction among New Age people who are interested in spirituality.

Choiceless Awareness itself is a meaningless phrase.

Because awareness itself is choice oriented and how can you be choiceless?

Even choiceless awareness is also a choice

And after all, what are you going to get by thought watching and not participating in the thought or looking at reality without a thought interfering?

You know, these are really high sounding verbose jargon taking you nowhere.

I would rather recommend that you take a thought and spin it, and turn the inside out of it.

Bring energy to it and then manifest, because it is thought that becomes the light and that becomes the matter:

Nada Bindu Kaladhi Namo.’ This is Anugari [South Indian Mystic].

It is the thought that becomes light and the light becomes matter.

And if you know the philosophy behind it then you can take a thought and then use it, bring it down to the light particles and down further into three-dimensional matter.

I will discuss all of these things in my upcoming Singapore conference on Guru Purnima day.

God bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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