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Experience a powerful protection prayer and fire lab by Dr. Pillai. In this protection prayer, he invokes the Angels of God to combat the coronavirus and other illnesses.



“Looking at the statistics on Google, I see that there are many viewpoints linked to the current coronavirus outbreak. From a Christian point of view, we are all God’s people. God is going to protect us, but we cannot go to church because we run the risk of infecting people or ourselves. 

Others see the virus as the angel of death, a spirit out to kill people. My own perspective is to accept all these perspectives. They are all true, and they are all not true. They represent a part of the truth.

Feed Your Faith

Science says that the virus can spread quickly and there is no medication for it. What we are unable to control medically, we can control through the help of God. Freud said: “Religion is like a crutch”. When there is no explanation, people rely on faith. That is another perspective which again is true and false at the same time.

It is certainly worth thinking about the coronavirus in a very objective way. Sylvia Browne predicted it several years ago in a book called ‘End of Days’. She said that a respiratory problem would occur – it would be caused by a virus leading to pneumonia. She also predicted that it would go away just as quickly as it started but stated that in ten years’ time, in 2030, it would return and it would be stronger.

This is a time for bringing religion and science together [via a special technique and protection prayer]. Einstein once said, “Science does not have a method for studying things outside the realm of matter” He referred to logic and religion as blind faith.

God Is Your Intellect

We need to understand God in terms of science and technology. When a teenage girl asked Einstein, “Do you believe in God?” He said, “Of course I do but not in a way that religion believes in God, through faith. I believe in God by looking at the precision and order that exists in nature, the fantastic intelligence behind the creation of the world.”

God’s energy has to flow through the psychic apparatus within us. We cannot go to a temple or church as we run the risk of spreading or contracting the virus but we have Facebook, Google and other social media where we can join together.

Overflowing Grace Can Enter Your Mind, Body and Soul

We need to reflect on our inability and God’s ability. God is not someone in the sky or up in heaven; he is you. You are God. God created man in his own image. Jesus said, “With my Father, everything is possible” He also said, “The Father and me are one”. This is something that we have to remember. We have to activate the Godhead which is latent but dormant within us.

The revival of religion or faith in God is what is needed to combat this virus. If you just become God, then God is not going to be affected by the coronavirus. God is a shiny being; He is light. If we see ourselves as photon waves and we become photon waves, the virus cannot attack. It is only when we think of ourselves as flesh and blood that we cause the problem. This is my own personal interpretation of who God is.

Paul said, “In the wink of an eye the body will turn to light.”  This is a time for invoking archetypes, or beings that are around us. When Sylvia Browne spoke to Larry King she said, “Larry, I see four angels around you”. We have demons too. You have to drive the demons away and keep the angels.

The Power of God Can Help Us to Rise against Disease

A fire ritual and protection prayer is a means of bringing God to the Earth plane to fight the virus. Until we receive a vaccine, we need help from the Divine. A fire ritual is a means of invoking the Angels of God to come and combat the virus. It will invoke God to protect and bless us. I am here to synthesize science and religion.”

Watch the Health and Protection Prayer Fire Lab

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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