Each day of Mahalaya is said to offer unique blessings from the ancestors if observed correctly. Learn the secret power of the Mahalaya New Moon.



Mahalaya – The Most Important Ancestor Powertime of the Year

Mahalaya is considered to be the most important ancestor period of each year. It spans an entire fortnight of the Moon, culminating on the New Moon, which is the final Moon phase of the 15-day celebration.

Each day of Mahalaya is said to offer unique blessings from the ancestors if observed correctly. However, of all the days, the New Moon is believed to be the most powerful. Even if you miss the other days, it is strongly suggested to not miss the Mahalaya New Moon, which happens just once a year.

What makes it so special? Read more below.


Why New Moons Are Most Auspicious for Ancestor Offerings

According to Vedic mythology, one of the Agnishwatta class of exalted ancestors (Pitrus) created a daughter through the power of his mind named Acchoda. For some reason, Acchoda had a desire for a mortal father. This desire caused her to lose her powers and fall from Heaven.

While falling, she passed the world of the ancestors known as Pitru Loka and cried out to them to save her. The ancestors advised her to be born to King Amavasya. She heeded their advice and, over time, she was able to regain her powers and return to Heaven. In honor of the ancestors, she conducted a ceremony to express her gratitude.

This ceremony took place on a New Moon, also known as Amavasya, and is why New Moon phases are considered to be the premier time to perform ancestor offerings.

According to scriptures, performing Tarpanam during a New Moon gives the following benefits:

  • Relieve trapped ancestral souls from Pitru Loka (world of the ancestors)
  • The deceased ancestors’ souls not only get relief from suffering but also get satisfied
  • Protect you and your family from ill fate and removes obstacles
  • Grant longevity and superior intellect
  • Bestow good health and wealth
  • Ensure success in all endeavors
  • Give radiance and longevity
  • Earn the blessings of Lord Yama, the Lord of the Ancestors and King of Righteousness


On the other hand, scriptures caution that one should not miss performing ancestor offerings on New Moons because it directly earns the curses of the ancestors or Pitru Dosha. Pitru Dosha is highly inauspicious as it can create diseases, poverty, relationship problems, and other problems.


The Secret Power of Mahalaya New Moon

While all New Moons are powerful for ancestor offerings, there are a few each year that are believed to be the most powerful. Mahalaya New Moon is among these and is considered a do-not-miss window of time to engage in ancestor propitiation.

According to scriptures, not only does it have all the benefits of ordinary New Moons, but its specialty is that all known and unknown souls that have died in the last 30 years are treated equally to God during this day, no matter what karma they have!

It is why this particular New Moon is the most ideal time to make offerings to your ancestors for everyone’s highest benefit when your lineage can rid itself of any ancestral afflictions and experience maximum Divine blessings for all-around prosperity and life-success.


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