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According to tradition, sesame seeds can both absorb spiritual purity and remove spiritual impurities. Read to learn more spiritual secrets of sesame seeds.



As we enter into Mahalaya season, many of us are performing Tarpanam for our ancestors. Many of these rituals include using sesame seeds as offerings, but why sesame seeds used for Tarpanam? 

According to tradition, sesame seeds have the ability to both absorb spiritual power and remove spiritual impurities. The black covering around the seed is said to be symbolic of the subtle body of the ancestors. By offering them the black sesame seeds through the practice of Tarpanam, it is believed that the spiritual impurities of their subtle body, which is their negative karma, is removed, and also the spiritual purity within their subtle body is increased. 

Thus, the secret power of the sesame seeds is that it gives your ancestors-in-need the energy to move on to higher spiritual planes! As your ancestors ascend, it changes the karma for your entire lineage as you are now free from their negative karma, and they are now in a place to give you blessings.


Sesame Seeds Used in Special Fire Ceremony for Mahalaya

A specialized sesame seed fire lab ceremony is performed during Mahalaya. This fire lab is performed to mitigate the effects of ancestor afflictions from your family that occur as a result of not performing Tarpanam or other ancestral rituals like Shraddha, or an annual death anniversary. According to the Siddhas like Agastya, this ancestor affliction is the underlying reason for the majority of the problems we face in life. According to sacred scriptures, this ritual is also capable of satisfying the souls of your ancestors who experienced an unnatural death.

This fire lab is said to be extra-powerful during Mahalaya, especially when it is performed at the premier karma-dissolving vortex, Rameshwaram, during the following two sacred days:


Maha Bharani 

Maha Bharani, or the Great Bharani, is the unique title given to the Bharani star when it falls during Mahalaya. This star has the power to take negative things away (apa bharani shakti). This power is also associated with transporting the soul from one body to the next.

Bharani is also known as a star that cleanses impurities and removes burdens.

Being ruled by Yama, the one who guides the soul to the higher plane, where the soul can experience the result of its karma and prepare for the life to come, it is recommended to perform Thila Fire Lab on this Maha Bharani day during Mahalaya. 



Madhyashtami, or the “Middle Eighth Moon,” is called as such because it is the midpoint of Mahalaya when equal power of the Sun and Moon are felt. Sun and Moon signify our paternal and maternal ancestors. Moreover, on this day, one need not worry about the moon phase their family members died nor the star in which they died, which may incur dosha (affliction). Without knowing any details, one can perform Tarpanam on this day and Mahalaya New Moon, and pacify ancestral souls through the Thila Fire Lab.


Join Pillai Center’s Group or Individual Thila Fire Labs during Mahalaya 2021

In addition to the ancestral Tarpanam poojas we are offering for Mahalaya 2021, we also offer Group or Individual Thila Fire Lab services which you are welcome to join in order to help you clear the path towards salvation of your ancestral souls who may have experienced untimely and unnatural death, and to reap the benefits of honoring and feeding your ancestral lineage.


Learn more and join our Thila Fire Labs here.


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