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Planets Lucky


Some astrologers are talking about the possible birth of a great soul (or Avatar) at this exceptional celestial time. In fact, it’s been thousands of years since the planetary forces brought this much intelligence and auspiciousness.

The reason is that several planets are now so well aligned in their signs of exaltation or in the domain they rule that you may not recognize yourself in September. Your thoughts will be more positive, affirmative action will follow and you can now succeed in whatever you like.

So, should you finally sigh with relief and trust that you can have your cake and eat it too? Yes.

Imagine all the pieces of a puzzle, the planets, as they occupy the perfect slots in the sky to help you with various predicaments and obstacles. Your understanding of life mysteries will grow too.

Below are some guidelines to make the best of this exceptional time window (between September 4th and September 16th) and tune into the positive planetary rays.


Find Saturn’s Gifts

No doubt, Saturn can be a most difficult planet. Even when he is well placed his lessons can be hard. In the last two years, he might have taken away relationships or aspects of our interactions with others that hindered our progress in the material and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Yet Saturn’s gifts bring about the necessary change for future success. Super strong in Libra and free of the negative influence of Rahu and Mars, this slow planet can now highlight centuries-long social injustice and bring the much-needed change. You will also experience less stress in relationships and an increase in wealth as a strong Saturn can bring lasting financial progress and success in your line of work.

If you have been procrastinating a career move, now is the time to try your luck. A promotion at work will better your finances and greatly reduce your concerns about the future.

Sounds to obtain the favors of Saturn: OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA

If you are not a fan of chanting, try helping poor, disabled or elderly individuals. Your good karmic points will go way up and Saturn will turn more beneficial to you.

Talk to Mercury

Literally, the planets are living entities and according to the Siddhas, the spiritual scientists of India, they have both an anthropomorphic form and a subtle body, just like us. So communicate with them by speaking mentally or aloud through your words or their specific sounds.

At this time Mercury in Virgo, his own sign of exaltation, can sharpen your perception of important details that you might have overlooked in the past. And, this green planet can also make you a millionaire!

So, use this time to invest some money in your favorite stocks or start the business you’ve been thinking about.

You can also begin writing a book or publish one that is already in the offing.

On Wednesdays, recite some sounds that can quickly tap into the vibratory frequency of Mercury: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA.

Receive Power From the Sun

The planet representing your soul and power, the Sun, is now King in his own domain in Leo.

Have you ever had any interest in politics? If the answer is yes, a strong Sun can help you in that arena. You can also gain recognition and wealth in your career. Spiritual purification through meditation or service to others can now meet with success.

Make Mars Your Ally

Mars is a young and good-looking warrior who can be at times too aggressive and overly defensive. Get his support, especially on Tuesdays, if you need more courage.

If you have been too kind and felt that some people have taken advantage of your nice disposition, you will now be able to stand up for yourself. And a strong Mars in Scorpio will also eliminate your lethargy.

Vanquish procrastination by asking Mars for help with the following sounds: OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA.

jupiter LUCKY

Expand Your Horizons with Jupiter

Exalted Jupiter in Cancer is now in a better position to help you as the Sun and Venus have moved out of his way. Jupiter loves space and positivity, and he can turn your mind to higher principles and beliefs.

His optimism is life enhancing. Expect also growth in your financial prospects. Jupiter’s sound vibrations are: OM GURAVE NAMAHA. The best day for contacting him is Thursday.

A Reminder

This can really be an unforgettable and positive time, but we must keep in mind that planets are not power sources to be exploited. These celestial bodies cannot be manipulated and the best course of action to receive their support is showing deep respect. In fact, respect coupled with gratitude can achieve wonders.

Trust that life can really be a celebration and enjoy the energies!





by Lalitha Devi



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