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What is the Purpose of Life?

“This is a very auspicious day, not only for those who are called Christians, but also for every human being.  The birth of Christ carries a great message, and the message is, ‘What is the purpose of life?’

The ‘My Last Prayer of Jesus’ very clearly says what  the goal is for the entire human race.

The goal is to bring Heaven on this Earth Plane, Thy Kingdom come to this Earth place as it is in Heaven.

Heaven is not just a belief of a beautiful place, of bliss in space. Heaven is a reality. All of us, whether rich or poor, are eligible to go to Heaven. Alternatively, Jesus was trying to bring Heaven on Earth – Thy Kingdom has to come to this Earth Plane and that is the goal.


“We Have To Look At The Consciousness of Each Individual”

It is not by just economic reforms, which is impossible, because the poor remain poor, and the rich are getting richer. This is happening everywhere, not only in developed countries, but also in third world countries, where there are several billionaires who have no sympathy for those in poverty who are suffering. Unless and until there is something that happens within the consciousness of people, and within the consciousness of the environment, there is no hope.

So, what needs to be done is that we have to look at the consciousness of each individual. I have given a definition of poverty many years ago. It is a disease of the brain that is caught up in negativity, and poverty, and hopelessness, as well as not believing in providence, or the ability of God to change. So, what needs to be done is a total belief and faith in one’s own divinity – we are not poor. We have everything we need within us.

Jesus was born poor in a stable that Pope Francis was saying today, and he was condemning the rich people who are committed to a luxurious life without God. 

Two things have to happen:

  • On the level of the rich people, they have to come to God and understand the true teachings of Christ to bring Heaven on Earth, and commit to the agenda of Christ. 
  • The second thing is something that we can use with modern technology, and the modern technology is how we can change the thinking pattern of the people. Jesus also contributed to that.


Why Did Jesus Leave?

Before he left, Jesus said, “I came here and I just wanted to do something very dramatic to bring Heaven on Earth, and that cannot happen unless the Holy Spirit, the Holy Breath, comes and plays a role.”

What is the role? The role is to change people’s consciousness from human to divine consciousness, and only the Holy Spirit can do that.


What Will the Holy Spirit Do?

The Holy Spirit will just blow the air out of you, and everyone carries that Holy Spirit within them., Understanding the Holy Spirit within you will put you in divine consciousness with the ability to create miracles, to live in possibilities, to give up pessimism and poverty, and that is possible. That took place on the Pentecostal Day – the Disciples of Christ were able to perform miracles. That being said, we have the ability to create miracles.

Jesus kept on saying that you would all be able to create miracles. You would all be able to create miracles better than I do, and that is what is needed. Whether you are poor, or rich, or somewhere in between – all of you are able to create miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.


What is the Holy Spirit?

In the Bible, it very clearly said, “It is a Spirit.” It is in Yogic terminology – it is the prana. The Holy Spirit is the prana, which is related to breathing too, in a limited way. But if you understand that and that through prayer, and invite the Holy Spirit in you, then you will  remember Christ. That is His last word. The last word is “I failed. I got to go. If I don’t go, the Holy Spirit can’t come.” 

When the Holy Spirit is present, it is not going to be through any human efforts, but through divine efforts, that everything will change. So, you have to commit more to the teachings of Christ, and be in touch with the Holy Spirit. But that has to be corroborated with what we can do by changing our consciousness through other means also, by changing your brain. What this means is, consciousness changing the brain. Because the negative brain has to be changed, and you have to put prosperity, the heavenly brain, within us. You have to go and tap all doors to tap into resources, and that is my Christmas message.


Everybody is Divine 

Everybody is Divine. Invite the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to practice Holy Spirit sessions in any Pentecostal Church or any church that is talking about the Holy Spirit and how you can access the Holy Spirit. If you are more open, which I want you to be, go and look into any tradition. Even the Yoga tradition talks about prana and how every cell can live the prana, which is unlimited awareness and unlimited consciousness. That is our wealth.

So, that is my Christmas message – that I will stick on to my efforts to change the brain across the world, and that, in my opinion, changing the brain along with the help of the Holy Spirit and other modules is the only way that we can create Heaven on Earth.”

The Pillai Center wants to wish everyone a joyous Christmas and holiday season, and is delighted to offer you Christmas special offers on our most loved and popular Pillai Center life-transforming services here.

We also invite you to join Dr. Pillai Live on Christmas Day for a special Christmas blessing.


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