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Tarpanam on Masi Magham




Dr. Pillai:  “There are so many people coming and telling me about their money problems, health problems, and weight problems. All of these are related to the soul. Your soul has come from the souls of your ancestors. This is called “Soul Genetics.” Just as you inherit biological genes, you also inherit soul genes. That’s why I call it “Soul Genetics,” from your ancestors. You have to clean that up, and your ancestors are still sitting there, invisible. 

Just do this simple ritual called Tarpanam. It is a ritual for your ancestors, which is offering some sesame seeds with water and mixed with rice flour. I have not known any technique that works better than this.

If there is one technology that I think that will help everyone across the board in an almost guaranteed way, if it is done properly and regularly, is Tarpanam. 


What Tarpanam Does

One thing that Tarpanam does is it erases on one level the bad Karma, money Karma, relationship Karma from the ancestors. 

The other thing that Tarpanam does is that it helps the ancestors move to a higher plane in their world, in Space, as they move to a better place. As a result, Tarpanam can dramatically improve your karma. As they go to a better place, you will also go through a change. I am giving this knowledge because it is not simply sitting and clearing your mind and making your mind empty. 

It is also a matter of changing your mind, changing your mindset. As a result of changing your mindset, you will act on that new thinking pattern that you developed – and that can change your life. 

I understand your inability to change your mind, and I understand your inability to change your karma, your finances, your weight, and all of the current situations in life. What are you going to do? You have to invoke the Divine. 

The ancestors who are in a better condition without a body can help you a lot because you are related to them by the soul. You may not have had a better relationship with them when they were alive. It doesn’t matter. Just do this very regularly every day. 

Tarpanam means ancestor offering, or offering food for the ancestors. You don’t have to pray for anything. You don’t have to tell them I want this, I want that. They all know that. They are part of your own soul. You are living them as much as they are living you. They are not living anywhere – they are here with you, although they have discarded their body. Are they hungry? They are hungry, too. Do they want money? They want money, too, even though they are in a spirit form. If you want miracles, do this.


Importance of Doing Tarpanam on Masi Magham

The Magha Star is an exemplary star. Those who are born under the Masi [Magha] Star become leaders, politicians, and rulers. Whatever they do, they dominate and excel in their field. This is also the star that carries a lot of divine energy. This Magha star happens every month. 

I want all of you to participate in one ritual. And that is a Tarpanam — the ancestor ritual. On this day, the ancestors come down and they have a chance to meet with you through this ritual. Don’t miss this opportunity. I have spoken many times how important the blessings of the ancestors are to change your fortune. If you don’t have a good job, if you don’t have money, if you have a mediocre life — it’s all due to lack of blessings from your ancestors. 

I  have done pilot studies on Tarpanam and we have heard a tremendous amount of evidence that these rituals do work and can significantly change the lives of people. So I urge you not to miss this opportunity on the Masi Magha [Star] day, to do this Tarpanam or ancestor ritual.” – Dr. Pillai 


Day To Magnify Abundance, Prosperity, & Ancestral Blessings

Wash away your painful karma and curses and start fresh to lead a healthy life with the blessings of your ancestors on Masi Magham Day.




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