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Money is not everything, as some individuals who have it in abundance along with those on a path of moksha (or liberation from physical bondage) would have us believe.

Not long ago, Dr. Pillai told a story in a video as he was about to launch his Millionaire Yoga Program. A waitress in the restaurant where he and some assistants were having lunch before the show told him abruptly: “Money is not everything.” Yet as Dr. Pillai pointed to her, she had to work very hard for long hours to make ends meet. Now, Dr. Pillai in his great compassion is offering Millionaire Yoga teachings for free through Pillai Center, at a time when the planets are about to change mood—from action-packed Aries to conservative and stable Taurus. This is not a coincidence and soon you’ll see why.

According to the Siddhas, nothing happens in our lives unless the planets are so inclined—and thoughts that are necessary for certain behaviors and actions may simply not dawn on us.

So many of you will be happy to learn that if you’ve been struggling with monetary issues you’ll soon get the thoughts, ideas and opportunities to become rich, or at least financially comfortable. Too good to be true? Not at all according to the planets and Vedic astrology.

On April 27th, Mercury—the planet controlling our numbers, finances and businesses—will join the planet of wealth, Venus, in Taurus: the place where your thoughts will turn to home comforts, assets and all kinds of material values.

If you are spiritual, don’t be shy. We can’t even meditate when we struggle with money problems—and if you aren’t, you may know people or family members who can’t even pay their bills on time, let alone go on vacation or to a spiritual retreat.

Mercury and Venus are best friends and they are willing to work together to increase your bank account. Saturn, slow but sure planet of lifelong gains, is aspecting (or watching) the duo. The pressure is on: “Fix your finances or else,” Saturn warns.

Soon, Mars and midmonth, the Sun will move to Taurus. For the above reasons, May could turn out to be a memorable time when you say a final goodbye to poverty and embrace a new paradigm—one that Louise Hay—arguably one of the most beloved authors on earth—was already advocating 20 years ago.

“I always have plenty of money for all my needs and wants,” goes one of her famous affirmations. And this type of consciousness can now become a reality for you.

So without further ado, learn the following six easy steps to get the wealth you need or want, whether you’ll be using it for charity or buying a luxury car.

Of course, we already know in our hearts that sharing our good fortune with those who are suffering multiplies our joys many, many times.

1. Think yourself rich.

Dr. Pillai encourages us to change our thoughts to end poverty thinking. And yes, the first reason for poverty is found within our minds. Of course, the most powerful thoughts, as many spiritualists including Dr. Pillai teach, are names of God:

* OM NAMO NARAYANAYA (Vishnu’s sounds for material gains) 108 times daily.

* OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (Lakshmi’s sounds for wealth) 108 times daily.

* OM KUBERAYA NAMAHA (Kubera is the treasurer of the celestial Beings) 108 times daily.

The above sounds repeated for a minimum of 108 times can bring about wealth consciousness.

2. Sign up.

Even if you are a skeptic, you could sign up for a free download of the Millionaire Yoga Program—soon to be posted at www.pillaicenter.com. It’s free. And especially if you have already tried everything, the spiritual solution may be the missing link for solving your problems.

alone time

3. Choose temporary seclusion.

If you can, isolate yourself for a month and spend time alone or in nature. When we need a shift in consciousness and want to experience positive change, following the so-called pack, media and consensus reality can be a liability. Being alone and getting in touch with our true, inner and divine self can work like magic. No one can tell you that your dreams are ‘unrealistic’ and your enthusiasm for spiritual growth will be magnified, too. Your time for meditation and recitation of power sounds will also increase manifold.

You can then focus on material growth in the early morning and especially at night (after midnight)—times when the consciousness is open and celestial Beings can hear your requests.

4. Pacify the planets.

You can connect with Venus’ and Mercury’s influence in Taurus by talking to these planets, or through the specific sound waves below:

OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (108 times for Venus)

OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (108 times for Mercury)

The planets are not aloof—they will talk to you. They are simply advising you about your karmic consequences, but you can receive their more benign response by using these sounds.

5. Clean up and suit up.

This may seem simplistic, but cleaning your house and wearing freshly washed or new clothes can change your reality. Goddess Lakshmi—the celestial Being who rules Venus—is greatly pleased by both steps. She has an allergy to ugliness, harsh language, untidy places and ripped or wrinkled clothes—cases in which her sister Alakshmi, goddess of poverty, steps in.

6. Wealth through fire.

As a Vedic astrologer I can’t repeat this too often. The holy books called the Vedas were only recorded to save us from the incipient Kali Yuga, or era of destruction, a few thousands years ago. Prior to that, divine knowledge was widespread and the majority of people on the planet lived righteously. Vedic peoples regularly contacted celestial beings through fire rituals and received in turn all they needed for their sustenance.

So a fire ritual to Lakshmi, Vishnu, Venus, Mercury (or even Saturn to reduce the obstacles he puts on our path) can transform your life and be a wonderful investment for your future happiness and prosperity.

Enjoy the energies!

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