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Ganesha an alien? In the “UFO” community, he would be considered one.

But Dr. Pillai shares that the Yogis and Seers of ancient times called what we know as “Aliens” or “Extraterrestrials” as Gods and Goddesses, and have been in contact with them all of this time.

Let that sink in for a moment.



If you pay attention to any source of alternative media, you know the topic of UFO’s, Aliens, and Extraterrestrials are huge. Everyone is waiting for “disclosure,” or when these ideas will become accepted and acknowledged as fact by all of humanity.

Will this new Astrological New Year, beginning on April 13th in the U.S., be the year of disclosure?

Dr. Pillai seems to be alluding to that being a very real possibility when he said:

s“Now, this New Year, upcoming New Year, is very important for the entire world. What is going to happen?  People are going to recognize the invisible forces…alien life coming down.”

“The Word Alien Might Turn You Off…

…At least some people, but they are in fact Gods, and Goddesses living in the outer realm, and they know better than we know because of our restricted makeup…We are all suited to process only a very limited reality. When you deal with an Alien, just remember the books by Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John E. Mack “Abduction,” and “Passport to the Cosmos.” In these books he talks about how Alien interaction can help us.”

The Alien Ganesha is “Taking Over”

“They are powerful only at a certain time, and some of them become retired, and become Emeritus – sort of. The one that is becoming more active, and kind of continues to be active throughout this year and even after that is the elephant-headed God, Ganesha, who is a God in the Indian Tradition. He is also worshipped in Japan, and all of South Asia. He is going to take over.”

Ganesha is Truly One-of-a-Kind

Whether you see Ganesha as a God or an Alien…

With an elephant or human head…

What’s most important is that you see and understand what he represents, and what he can do for you.

Here’s a couple quick facts about Ganesha that demonstrate his greatness:d

  • He is the master of mind/time/space principle. THE
  • He is one of only two Archetypes that can control ALL nine planets (the full spectrum of karma).
  • He outsmarted the personification of Wisdom (Muruga).
  • He is the “King of Angels.” All of them.
  • His warrior prowess is such that only the Supreme Destroyer himself, his father Shiva, could defeat him in battle (and that was while he was a boy).
  • Even Gods and Siddhas pray to him for his wisdom, and before starting anything important.

Simply put, Ganesha is a being that stands apart from the rest. Even more appealing is the fact the he is known and revered as one of, if not the most compassionate/responsive Archetypes by people who call on him.

Meet Ganesha Halfway

As Dr. Pillai mentioned:


This is the most important time to get his help. He will be the most powerful Archetype this year, and if you are looking to get results, Ganesha is your “guy.”

First, you need to receive the divine permission, or the “initiation” to be able to work with him. He is literally using Dr. Pillai as a vehicle to facilitate this, and if you are reading this right now – YOU ARE INVITED.

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Results, quick ones, profound ones – these are what Ganesha specializes in. Get Ganesha’s grace, and your life will never be the same.

In the name of Ganesha,

Ryan Irving

Pillai Center Team Member


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The “King of Angels” Descends

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