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You Have to Be Very Precise

“There is no time. You should be timeless. If you say, ‘I want to lose my weight after one year,’ or, ‘I’ll make my money after one year,’ that is bringing in time.

I see now a lot of Mercedes in this building because I told people I put more consciousness into them. How they manifested Mercedes, God alone knows, but it makes me so happy. So if you just put a Mercedes Benz in your consciousness, you will be able to manifest one.

In London, while I was going to teach a course, this man comes on the TV and says, ‘This guy Siva Baba is a guy who is so obsessed with money, and then he talks about Mercedes. It is the car that killed Diana.’

So his consciousness is fully occupied with death and accidents, and then accusing Mercedes Benz for that. You have to be very precise. If you think about something it will manifest. There is no doubt about it.


How You Are Putting Roadblocks

“‘I don’t have the money to buy it,’ who said that you need money? You are putting roadblocks by saying ‘I do not have the mortgage money,’ ‘I do not have this,’ ‘I do not have that,’ I do not have the money to go to the grocery store to buy health food, I can only go to 7-11.’

So many roadblocks are there. It does not have to take time to manifest. But, the moment you bring time, then time will become a reality. If you are timeless, then you can manifest anything. You just walk in, filled with the energy of God that you are, and then you will become timeless.

There is an archetype who creates time, called Kala Bhairava. He is also known in ancient Greece as Kronos. He manufactures time for different galaxies. Here, the time is very slow. We do not want to have slow time. We want to be completely timeless. If we are timeless then manifestation will be instantaneous.


The “Trick” to Instantaneous Manifestation

The Siddha, the miracle-maker, is one who is timeless. Siddha Sankalpa means the moment he thinks, the object shows up. You have to work until you come to a level when there is no distinction between the idea and the object. The idea is the object. One cannot really be without the other. So the trick is knowing the idea and the object are one and the same, and it is time that interferes because of the negativity of the mind, the consensus mind. All of that can be erased from your consciousness.

It is a training that is required to do miracles.” – Dr. Pillai


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