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Moon Grasped

All astrologers have been excited with the exceptional planetary alignments this September 2014.

But come September 13th (EDT), the already extraordinary five planets in high dignity and strength are joined by the Moon in Krittika—this means that on that day even the Moon will be exalted, making the count go up to six super strong planets in their best possible positions.

During the 18 hours when the Moon is exalted, you can use the energies for just about anything you have been wishing to do, but hesitated—you will feel powerful and yet at peace.

Even when the Moon will move out of its exaltation, it will still be in its own sign, so in a good position to give you relaxation, a good time with your family and fun outings to restaurants or movie theaters. Although this day will occur on the darker phase of the Moon, it’s definitely a time for rejoicing.

Below are the hours of the Moon’s exaltation and some guidelines to tap into this auspicious and unique time window.

  • Mark your calendar. On September 13th after 3: 37 pm EDT until 9:56 am of September 14th wear some new, white, or pink, clothes. Connect with the Moon by offering white flowers to its image and red flowers to his overlord, Goddess Parvati.
  • Get some images of the Moon and Parvati. If you don’t own a statue or photo, you can either download some images or can simply visualize a being dressed in white, wearing a crescent Moon on the head and the beautiful Parvati dressed in red, green and gold clothes.
  • Offer a bounty of delicious foods. You can offer some sweets, or fruit to these celestial beings along with a glass of fresh water.
  • Burn a lamp or candle and an incense stick create some emotion. If you can, try to feel love and devotion for these celestial beings or simply show your respect. These emotions are very powerful channels for communicating with the light forces.
  • If you can, sit comfortably in front of these objects and calm your breath by putting your attention on the nostrils. Mentally follow your inhalations and exhalations. Relax. Try to feel the positive emotions from imagining that your requests are already fulfilled.
  • The Moon can give you a stable and peaceful mind and sweet emotions. When it is not afflicted in a natal chart, the Moon grants a cordial and loving relationship with your mother and women in general. It can also make you kind and nurturing towards others.
  • Use specific sounds. Call on the Moon with these sounds: OM CHANDRAYA NAMAHA
  • Call the Goddess. Parvati is the Goddess of beauty, loving relationships and karma removal. She rules the Moon and you can ask her for her blessings with the following sounds: OM KLEEM PARVATI NAMAHA
  • Acknowledge the other planets involved. The Moon will be in Taurus on this day, sign ruled by Venus and Lakshmi. Sounds for Venus: OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA
  • Call the Goddess of wealth. Goddess Lakshmi rules gold, financial wealth and you can also ask for a beautiful house and/or car. Call her name with the following sound waves: OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA
  • Ask for more help in real estate on the 6th Moon phase. Some extra help for real estate purchases will come from the 6th Moon phase – Shasti – ruled by Muruga and Mars. Their special sounds are:



Just know that the synergy of Saturn, Mars, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter will make these planetary aspects among the best the Earth has seen in ages. So ask for whatever you like. Trust that soon you will see the fruits of your prayers.

Enjoy the energies!




by Lalitha Devi


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