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Dr. Pillai brings you part three of a four-part series of videos. Step 1 for creating wealth consciousness is changing your mindset. Step 2 is the Shreem Brzee wealth mantra that connects you with Goddess Lakshmi and dissolves poverty consciousness.

Dr. Pillai takes it from here:

The third step is working with the Yantra.

Yantra is another device, a gift from the Yogis.

The mind is unreliable because it won’t stay on one particular thought stream. If it does stay in Shreem Brzee, then there will be tremendous impact on what happens in your life with regard to money. But the mind is a monkey. It goes on moving.



So what are you going to do?

You are going to get this energy into a copper plate, and put some geometrical symbols there. And these symbols are a personification. It’s a device which is a personification of Shreem Brzee.

Shreem Brzee stays with you all the time, and it stays in this Yantra. So keeping this Yantra, there is a Yantra of Shreem Brzee here. You have all of these symbols here which you can take a look at later on.

In the course, we will talk more about how that Yantra works, and how you can relate to it, what you do with it and how to energize it. All of these things will be given during this program, and that is called working with the Yantra.

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