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Learn More About Shreem Brzee Immersion 

Dr. Pillai explains the first step to attracting money and building wealth consciousness:

The First Step is Mindset.

Bill Gates has a Mindset. Mark Zuckerberg has a Mindset. Warren Buffet has a Mindset. All of these billionaires have a Mindset.

If you have the Mindset, you will become like them because there is only one rule. That rule is, you become as you think.

The success of this program depends at least 50% or 70% on changing your Mindset.

What is Mindset Repatterning?


What do you mean by changing the Mindset? From morning till evening, you are thinking, and that thinking creates the Mindset.


If you observe your thought patterns, then you will know what kind of a Mindset you have. Is it positive, negative, or neutral? Are you obsessed with a particular thought?

That will [give you] a tremendous amount of help. But then, what’s happening is that your thoughts are autonomous, right at this point, but they are not. You can control your thoughts, provided you know how to control them. You regulate your thoughts.

There are 50 thoughts in a minute for some people. Everybody has at least a minimum of 30 thoughts [per minute].

Do you need those thoughts? That’s life energy being spent. Number one, you don’t need those thoughts. Number two, what are those thoughts?

Your Thoughts are Within Your Control

What are those thoughts? Have you ever looked into it? These are things that are within your control. You may say “It is out of my control.” It is out of your control if you don’t change it.

The thoughts are behind everything, so you have to check your thoughts hourly. [In the Shreem Brzee Immersion program] I’m going to teach a lot of techniques, and give you a lot of tools, [for] you to regulate your thought patterns. The patterns have never changed.



What are those patterns? “I’m going to make money this way.” All of them are wrong ways. That’s why you have not succeeded.

Just answer this question: “How many years ago did you want to become financially independent?” [You may have said] “I want to become a millionaire,” but it remains as a thought. It’s a thought which you don’t even believe because the thought, if you analyze it, are not very supported. They are basically confused thoughts, if not negative.

Introducing Shreem Brzee Immersion

I’m going to teach you in the Shreem Brzee Immersion program. I’ve trained people who will come into the program and teach periodically, to help you. I have decided to commit myself to this program so that your success is my success.



So the key point here is immobilizing your karmic thoughts. The patterns are karmic, whether [they’re about] money, relationships, or health. You can immobilize them with small and simple techniques, like putting your attention on the two nostrils. This will immobilize your thoughts.

Nobody has taught this. I have taught this to people in some courses.

How is Shreem Brzee going to help? Shreem Brzee is at the origin of your thoughts. When Shreem Brzee gets into your consciousness stream – because its nature is abundance and wealth – you will be bound by Shreem Brzee’s vibrations.

The vibratory frequencies of Shreem Brzee, full of wealth, will influence your thought patterns.


 Learn About the Shreem Brzee Immersion Program


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