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Image featuring the phrase "Kleem Brzee" set against a serene backdrop.Revealing Kleem Brzee, Mantra for Attraction & Abundance


Dr. Pillai: “We’ll have a moment of prayer. Just close your eyes.

We pray to the Almighty, with form or without form as light. Hold our hands and lead us. Because we cannot—with the sinful mind, full of doubts—manifest anything we want. Remove the sins or doubts, rationality, and bless us. You are the father, hold our hands and lead us. Amen.

Desire Is Important

I’m very delighted to introduce you to this wealth meditation, the fundamentals of wealth can be found in one sound. I don’t want to lecture; I just want to not even think but just desire. If we can desire then we can manifest. The problem that we are not able to lose weight or have peace is because we don’t desire wealth, we don’t desire health, and anything we don’t desire, we cannot manifest. Desire is the fundamental primordial emotion, that allows you to conceive.

I use the word ‘Conceive’ deliberately and I was talking to Wayne Dyer when he asked me, how do you conceive of wealth? People are unable to conceive of wealth. They can conceive if they desire.

How Can You Desire?

That’s a good question. Desire is very natural to us. desire is the matter of the senses, sense pleasures. All that is fine, no more explanations. How do we desire? There’s one frequency, sound frequency, which is desire itself and that sound frequency or mantra is called Kleem. Kleem is not about enhancing desire, Kleen itself is desire just like Shreem Brzee is wealth.    

You Have to Have Faith

So we have been working that, two million people have watched Shreem Brzee, two million. And fantastic testimonials are there. But more people have not manifested that’s the truth. Why? Because they are wishy-washy. They have not been able to desire. They just went and prayed for Rolls Royce, mansion and private jet on the air without believing in any of them. It is not enough to believe, you have to have faith. If you have faith like a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Jesus.

So Jesus knew very well that we don’t have a desire even as small as a mustard seed, that’s the truth, 2000 years ago and even now, and we are worse even now. We cannot have faith; we cannot have desire; the whole program is about giving you desire and faith. Desire is more natural and the method that I want to use is mantras.

The Mantra Method

A mantra is a sound that descended from heaven, a part of heaven, a part of space that can do what your mind cannot do. It belongs to the realm of heaven. It was very interesting, very quickly I’ll ago because I have a lot of things to cover.

Sylvia Browne, you may have heard about her. She was a very famous psychic who appeared on CNN many times, hired by the police to find out where a murder took place and there are cases, very tough cases. I was reading once her book and she was taken to heaven. And then she went into her hall and then look she wrote. She had a goddess to lead her. What is the goddess? Shreem. Oh my god. She had no clue about Hinduism or Shreem.

Shreem Brzee and Kleem Brzee Are Both the Goddess

Well anyway, so why do I say that? Shreem Brzee is a goddess. Shreem Brzee is a goddess with a lot more power because it combines with the sound of Brzee. Brzee is a power; the power of Shreem is Brzee. In many lifetimes I was known by the name Brzee, it’s not that I’m doing it now.

So anyway, they are Kleem and Shreem or Spirits. Why Spirits? Go to the Bible. The Bible says it is not through the power or the might or by the Spirit and go to Jesus. Jesus says, “I don’t know how I can help you guys. But I don’t want to leave this earth plane without giving you, what? The Holy Spirit.” Okay.

Whoever had the Holy Spirit for real, whether it is Oral Roberts or Benny Hinn or other people who have their private jet, everything in life, who gave it? The Spirit?

What is Kleem? The Spirit, the Goddess. What is Shreem? The Spirit, the Goddess. Do you hold hands with them? And that’s all. And I’ll tell you a mundane thing.

Alignment with God

I have a new jacket; you may not have seen this. This is a brand-new jacket. Look at this here, 81% off. I bought it for $29. The original price was $160. And not only that, I’ve not been buying anything. I just went to the mall. There was a blowout sale. I asked, what is a blowout sale? And they said something, I don’t know what that was.

So I bought this jacket which was $160 for $29 and additionally, I bought this, they give you another shirt which is another $20 shirt. Why? I was spirit-guided. I directly went to the place where this jacket was hanging. And when we were going to pay the money they said, oh this is a special deal, you can get another shirt for free. Go get it.

Things have to happen when you are in alignment with God. This is the reason why Jesus said, “With my father, everything is possible.” The father is the spirit. And where is the spirit? It is not only in the Father’s, it’s not only in Jesus, it’s also within all of us. And then the beauty of the yogi’s teachings is, that they identified these angels, the angel of Shreem Brzee, the angel of Kleem, and their functionalities.

There Is No End to Refining Things

Kleem, I just decided… honestly, I was not satisfied, even after I received Shreem Brzee 13 or 15, more than that, about 25 years ago, 20 years ago. Because I wanted results immediately. I’m willing to work, but then I want it immediately. And if you want immediately then you have to keep working on it. Okay, you keep on working on it. And work on it, and then you don’t get results that’s different matters. But there is no end to refining things. That is the reason why I keep teaching, keep introducing desire, and then Shreem Brzee combined them and created this program. I think it’s an 8- or 12-week program, they will explain to you what it is, I developed this program.

God Is Ever Willing to Give You

And one important thing is, God is ever willing to give you. And what’s the problem? You don’t ask. John 15:6 I think, Jesus said, “If you abide in Me, My words will abide in you. Ask what you wish for, that shall be done for you.” Ask.

How many times do we ask? No. Why? It is because of sin. You are not able to desire because of sin. I wouldn’t say that you are desiring, no. If you do that is like a psychotic desire, like I want a jet plane. And you don’t believe in it. You don’t have faith in any of this.

My Solution Is Just Mantras

So what can you do? What can you do? You can do two things. One is to get rid of the doubtful, sinful, rationalistic, and argumentative mind. How do you do it? Again, my solution is just mantras. So get rid of the doubt. Get rid of the rational mind. Because the rational mind asks, how can you get a private jet? You don’t even have money to buy a new car. But if you are not able to buy a new car. You want a car so badly. But you don’t desire enough. And also put a deadline, I want it today tomorrow, or next week.

Get Rid of the Doubt

It will happen. Don’t ask how. But the first and foremost thing you have to do is to get rid of the doubt. And how do you get rid of the doubt? Get rid of the sin. What is the sin? Adam’s apple in Christianity, which is the rational mind is here, the fruit of knowledge. Do you think the knowledge is great? No, knowledge is not great. Knowledge gets you into trouble and asks many questions. I don’t like people, who ask questions. Because it’s just a waste of time. What do you want? Get it. I don’t want to know about the cause. I want the effect.

Desire Is Dependent on Kleem

Sri Aurobindo used to call it effectual consciousness. I want an effect without a cause. God can do it, mantra can do it, Kleem Brzee can do it, Shreem Brzee can do it. ‘Ah,’ this is a meditation that I taught Wayne Dyer, became so famous because it worked and he also dedicated a book because I gave him this mantra that will help the desire to become a tool for conception. You have to conceive, then you are pregnant. And then when you’re pregnant, you can deliver. Conception is dependent on desire and desire is dependent on Kleem.

So I will talk about Kleem a lot in the program as we go along. And there is a syllabus here they have given which I came up with. I think it’s the 9- to 12-week program. And the first week is about Kleem Brzee. So that’s the new one which we are introducing.

Everything Is a Simulation

And then also I want you, for 11 years ago, I created a video for Kleem but that was not the right time to introduce it to the public at large like I do now. So this will be the Kleem and then first desire, desire, desire, desire, okay. Because we have been told that desire is the problem, all religions say that. Desire is the root cause of misery, in Buddhism, Buddha said, that’s why he could not be in the kingdom. He said, no, I don’t want any desire. Desire is the root cause of misery. Desire is not desirable. That’s the teaching of many religions, but that is not going to work. Especially when we are living in the 21st century where everything is understood as simulation, poverty simulation, prosperity simulation. You should go to Elon Musk talking about how to create through simulation, everything is a simulation.

Get Kleem Brzee into Your DNA

Let’s go back to Kleem Brzee. So what are the eight weeks? I’m going to quickly read that so I don’t end up giving a lecture. But make sure to get it into your brain, into your mind, your heart, and your DNA.

Their number one, Week 1, removes blocks to living abundantly. I want to live abundantly. I can talk about it for an hour, not needed. Overcoming those blocks, identifying, and releasing deep-seated beliefs that hinder abundance. Okay, so you do go work on them, it’s not that just you’re listening to it and then forget about it and then go, have coffee or something.

Kleem Brzee Gives You Security and Stability

Week 2, root chakra activation. Okay, root chakra activation for financial stability. Practice for grounding and invoking feelings of security. Security is very important. We live without security and stability is even more important. And what gives you that? Kleem.

Week 3 is the sacral chakra activation for creativity and wealth. It is the sex chakra where the desire can be experienced. Then the solar plexus chakra activation for personal power.

Love Is Fundamental

And then Week 5 is heart chakra activation for love and generosity. It’s very important. When you give more, you will receive more. Generosity is very important. And love is fundamental. Don’t forget to watch the video on Kleem that I made 13 years ago.

Then Week 6, throat chakra activation for expressing abundance and it’s also the chakra where it will remove your sinful argumentative mind.

Vision and Intuition Are Important

Seven is the third eye chakra activation for vision and intuition. Vision and intuition are important which you can manifest.

Then the 8th one is the crown chakra which is the Sahasrara. Sahasrara chakra is 1000 petal lotus which is the blossoming of the brain that will connect you to the human with the divine.

Kleem Brzee Will Activate All Eight Chakras

And then there is an advanced course following through the weeks 9 through 12. Week nine is activating the frontal lobe. This is the research that became responsible for me to create this Phonemic Intelligence and in the research, I did at Harvard Medical School, how sounds can activate. I’m not going to use those sounds that I worked on at Harvard but if the brain areas are the same then I’m going to activate them through Kleem Brzee.

Kleem Brzee Influences the Frontal Lobe

How Kleem Brzee influences the frontal lobe to enhance decision-making, creativity, and emotional expression aligned with abundance.

Week 10 is the right brain activation for creative and intuitive abundance. Then Week 11 activates the left brain to enhance abundance and logic. Left brain you don’t think is rationality, that’s wrong. The Left Brain is much more powerful than the right brain, so I will talk about that too.

The Midbrain Activation

The midbrain activation is very important because only through the midbrain you can manifest.

So that will be again, it 9 through 12 is all activating different parts of the brain. So that’s what I’m going to do for you guys. And one thing I wanted to tell you, I just wanted to include—I have already talked to them so they will explain to you, my staff here—to include a very important component which is, what time is best for me to meditate with Kleem Brzee or Shreem Brzee. And it can be custom made but it can be done on a one-on-one basis. I just spoke about this to Lakshmi this morning so she will give you what that is, and how that’s going to be structured and customized way.

Kleem Brzee Will Be Custom-Made for You

Say, for instance, Kleem Brzee will not work at all the time the same way. There are times when will be custom-made for you based on your astrology. So that is going to be included. So I have given you a large extended syllabus. The most important thing is the work you have to do and that you cannot do it unless you are in a program, somebody holding your hand and taking you through the program, that is very, very important. Otherwise, the sinful mind will not allow you to do anything to progress.

That’s all I wanted to talk to you today. So I want to give you my heartfelt, sincere prayers for you to have an abundant life with God. God bless.”

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