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The 7 chakras arranged horizontally along a human silhouette. Each chakra is depicted as a glowing orb with geometric patterns, presented in a minimalist style against a dark background.

Harness the Power of Chakra Harmonization for Attraction & Abundance


Dr. Pillai: “Why teach Shreem Brzee again and again and bring in another mantra, Kleem? The answer is simple. Because I have innovation, what’s that? That is the method of using the sound, Shreem Brzee. I have made changes over the past 13 years, and it is still growing. And now the change that I am going to introduce is not using the mind learning or mind practice of Shreem Brzee, but deep learning. Those familiar with AI know that deep learning involves understanding things at a deeper level, using the deeper mind. The chakras are the deeper mind because the gods and goddesses live in the chakras.

That is why I decided to do that. That’s an innovation to use it differently using the seven chakras. And that’s one reason why I thought I wanted to do that. And then make it all available to people who have been practicing. And I was told that there are 1.3 million views over a period of time and great testimonials. So that made me you know, very compelling for my mind to do this.

Time Is Important

Another innovation that I’m going to add is time, money, and planets, which are very important. So I want to talk about that. Time is important. The very fact that you did not make money for a long time, most people don’t.  You wanted to make money at least 30 years ago, but still, it is the same, or in some cases, the money has gone down. That’s the truth. But then, everybody goes through that cycle. There was a time when Elon Musk did not even have a shower in his apartment, he had to go somewhere else. But then he did not live that life. Tony Robbins had been a janitor in a building. And he was flying over the building where he worked as a janitor in his helicopter at another point. So time is important. So that time innovation also is something I’m going to introduce when to use this sound.

Planets Represent Time

It’s an eight-week course. The first course is eight weeks and then the second one is another four weeks. They involve these innovations. I talked about Elon Musk and how he changed, and then I want to make a very brief mention of that. It is all because of his planets. Planets represent time. Astrology itself is time, the study of time. And then what is time? Time is just numbers. And you have to have a relationship with the numbers. And if it happens to you so naturally, which is the case with Elon Musk, he being Tesla and Edison in his previous lifetime where his soul picked up lessons to be learned as Tesla, learned as Edison. They are contemporaries and enemies too. But then Tesla knew about 369, and that’s important. So I’m going to also incorporate that information of time with deep learning that we are going to do with the added sound Kleem along with Shreem Brzee.

Change Will Happen When You Use the Sounds Kleem Along with Shreem

So, this time, I am motivated and committed to you because the one reason I came back to this earth plane is to teach about karma. And not just to accept karma but to challenge karma. So if karmically designed to make money, you will make it, but that’s not the case with most people. Most people karmically have to suffer. But the change will happen when you use the sounds Kleem along with Shreem. And that’s the reason why I’m very interested in teaching this course, I’m going to develop this course, and they have a syllabus of course. And I will talk a little bit about this syllabus that we are going to do, about the first course, and then also I’ll mention the second course, using different parts of the brain to process the sound.

Kleem Is Desire and Shreem Is Money 

Now, about the first course which is an eight-week course, using the sounds at different chakras. The first sound that I’m going to introduce is Kleem, which is the recent addition, and it is Kleem Brzee as you know, like Shreem Brzee. Kleem, K-L-E-E-M. Kleem Brzee is going to give you the desire. It is a raw emotion, more the emotion of what’s called the procreative drive is Kleem, a very raw desire to create. It has a lot of packed-up emotions. It will give you the emotion. So, that will give you the desire. Kleem is desire itself. Shreem is money itself. So, that’s the precise way of putting that.

The Deeper Mind Is the Chakras

Now, what we have to learn fundamentally is that we naturally lack the ability to desire money. And if we cannot desire, we cannot manifest. Desiring is caring also. And also there is divine interference. I will tell you, this vest that I’m wearing, I did not wear it for many, many years, and it just came from India. And then I just found that I have a bunch of Indian money in this pocket. So that is a way of Shreem Brzee helping me and telling me this is the right time and the right thing I’m doing. So, desire, you have to desire. You may say that I am desiring, no, that is not authentic desiring. The authentic desiring happens when the mind desiring is not there, but the desire goes to a very deeper level, to the deeper mind. And what is the deeper mind? The deeper mind is the chakras.

Gods and Goddesses Live in the Chakras

The chakras are the places not in the physical body, but in the astral body that is inside. And in these different chakras, you find different gods and goddesses. And if you go to Buddhism, they will give different sets of goddesses. And then within Hinduism also different chakras are associated with different gods and goddesses, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is you have to understand the power of the chakras. The chakras are very powerful. They are connected with the deep learning.

So what I am going to do now is: in the first course, one to three weeks, I’m going to talk about Kleem Brzee; four and five Shreem Brzee; and six to eight, I am going to combine both. And I’ll explain this a little bit more now.

Overcoming Abundance Blocks

The first week will be a kind of introduction. I’m going to talk about overcoming abundance blocks that are blockage. We are unable to conceive of abundance. Why are we not able to conceive of abundance? Because the mind has been set up that way. For instance, if you want to conceive a hundred dollars, you can conceive. Thousand dollars, you can conceive still. Ten thousand dollars, you can do. Hundred thousand dollars, I can’t. It’s not easy. What about a million dollars? It’s even worse. So what is this hundred and million and billion? It’s all about understanding the numbers, which I’m going to also include in this course; that’s why I must insist that you should have this background understanding when you do the practice. The blockage in abundance is due to the inability to conceive higher numbers. First, conceive of numbers. If you don’t conceive, if you can’t conceive, you cannot manifest. And what is responsible for conceiving? Pure, raw emotions. And what is pure, raw emotion? Kleem. That’s it. That is precise.

Indulge in Self-Inquiry

Identifying and releasing deep-seated beliefs that hinder abundance. So you have to also have some soul search. So why am I not able to do that? Because of my family, my fears, my training, and my skills, many reasons. So you have to also first indulge in self-inquiry. But that’s needed. That’s needed, but that’s not too important because we have a mechanical approach, which is like a machine approach. It goes and then cleans up the blockages and then gives you the ability to desire.

And then I will talk about Kleem, the sound, and how it is raw emotions and how it triggers all these things—that will be week one. And then in week one, I will give you a little training on Kleem Brzee.

The Root Chakra

And week two is the root chakra, activation of financial stability. It is not that you want to make money at one time. There should be stability. That means you have to have grounding, practices for grounding, and invoking feelings of security, and stability. Security and stability with Kleem Brzee, that’s very important. It’s not winning a lotto one time and then spending that money. No. Stability is very important. Security is very important. What do you feel? I remember Van Dyer saying, if somebody comes and gives you $100,000, what is your first response you would ask? You feel security. That’s why Social Security is very important, financial security.

The Sacral Chakra

And then the third one is the sex chakra, the sacral chakra activation of creativity, activation of creativity and wealth, creativity of all kinds. That’s why I said they divided it as creativity separate and wealth separate—utilizing Kleem Brzee to unlock creativity and positive relationship dynamics towards abundance.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The week four, it is the activation of the navel chakra. I have mentioned here as solar plexus or personal power, strengthening self-esteem and willpower to manifest abundance with Shreem Brzee. I come back to Shreem Brzee here and talk about the innovations that have been brought in. So that is week four, and week five also.

The Heart Chakra

Four and five are the sex chakra and the heart chakra. They also use emotions. Heart chakra activation of love and generosity. So in each chakra, I will tell you how to use Shreem Brzee, cultivating an attitude of generosity and receptivity to abundance. If you want to be abundant, you should be generous, that’s a very important teaching. You have to be generous. If you give to people, even if you just give $1, and that dollar you give to a person who is going to buy something with it, that will bring you multifold, hundredfold, or thousand-folds because that is how the universe operates.

The Throat Chakra

And then there is a throat chakra. In this, I’m going to do some innovations. You have to speak up. If you don’t speak up, what do you want? You have to shout. Why? Because that will break the karma. This is the karma in the throat. Adam’s apple is the problem. That’s the one that gives a limited consciousness. So, empowering self-expression and communication to attract abundance.

The Third Eye Chakra

Then comes the third eye chakra where I will teach how to visualize. Creativity is visualization. If you are not seeing, you cannot create. But seeing with physical eyes is one thing, and seeing with the third eye is another thing. The physical eyes are dependent on the third eye. Without the third eye, the physical eyes cannot see. So that is important. And I will teach you a special technique there how to use Shreem Brzee and Kleem Brzee with the third eye.

The Crown Chakra

And the last one is the crown chakra. Crown Chakra is a lotus, which symbolizes a lotus flower blossoming, which is the brain in the physical brain. And then that stem attached to the lotus is the Kleem. So all these things I will explain during the course, and more practically, I’m going to do it structure the course and then give it to people to use it with the added help to you. So I will record the eight videos and then you can do it within seven minutes to twenty-one minutes. The maximum is twenty-one minutes. I want to be very practical. The minimum is seven minutes.

So that’s all I wanted to share with you in this brief video, and I invite you to come and put an end to financial suffering. And I’m going to share all these techniques with you in this course. God bless.”


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