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the image captures a serene and energizing environment ideal for depicting the concept of Manifesting with Sounds and Brain Activation


Dr. Pillai: “Welcome to everyone. I’m going to start my presentation first by introducing you to the concept of a mantra. A mantra is a sound, a sound that can create matter out of sound frequencies. This may seem to be a far-fetched concept, but if I explain to you in steps, you will understand.

Sound Creates

Any creation takes place through thinking about it. A thought becomes matter. And what is a thought? What is behind the thought is a sound. Say, for instance, you’re thinking about a banana, a thought of a banana. There are sounds Ba-Na-Na. Each syllable has its value to create several things. The science of mantra is so complex. Throughout several millennia, people of different cultures, and different religions knew about the power of sound. Then they knew there was a divine being behind that, a Divine Being behind every sound. Even in the Bible, the Word is a sound with which God created the world. So sound creates.

Sound Is Energy

Kleem is a sound that is raw emotional energy. Emotions create better than the intellect, and both of them are needed. But emotions deal with raw emotions and senses. And Kleem is a sound that represents authentic emotional energy, procreative energy. It is similar to the sound Ah. Ah is also a primordial procreative energy with which the world was created. Kleem is a similar sound, and I was inspired to introduce Kleem. I have taught Kleem before. But then as a supplement to the Shreem Brzee. I thought it was necessary to introduce Kleem along with Shreem because people have difficulty having authentic emotions, and that is because we have a lot of issues with desiring, pure desiring.

Kleem Is The Sound Of The Goddess Saraswati

If you look at people who are like Elon Musk, they all want to have more and more and more money, although they know they can’t spend that kind of money; they have raw emotions. So, Kleem is one of those emotions. As I said the emotions alone are not enough. We have to have also other cognitive support that comes from the brain, which also includes speech. For instance, it’s not enough to think a sound, and to think and manifest is only partly true. To speak and manifest is a more profound concept. You have to speak out your desires. And Kleem in that sense is also the sound of the goddess of creation, the goddess of desire, which is Saraswati; she also uses the sound because she created many of the sounds along with other gods.

Authentic Desires

So now, in this session, I thought I would introduce you to 1, 2, 3, and 4 parts of the brain where you will use the sound Kleem Brzee. Like Shreem Brzee, it is closely allied to Shreem Brzee, but Kleem will give you more authentic desires. What do I mean by authentic desires? You can go to a temple or church or another religious place and pray, I want a private jet, I want a Rolls Royce. And if you don’t believe in whatever you’re praying that is psychotic prayer. You should want it so badly. Not for a few moments, and then forget it. So the desire should be so deep-rooted, authentic desire. And then it’ll be supported by some other areas of the brain.

The Sound Kleem Will Enlist the Rational Brain

The first one is the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is a powerful area of the brain. If you hold any idea in the frontal lobe, it will matter itself. Because this frontal lobe is the more rational brain, which believes; you know, we have been functioning from the rational brain. So Kleem Brzee when used on the frontal lobe will change the frontal lobe and make it believe in abundance. And the sound Kleem will enlist the rational brain, “Hey, believe in it. After all, even if you believe in Rolls Royce, you know, it’s good to have one rather not to have one.” So, rational debate has no end to it. But instead of working at a national level, the Kleem Brzee will enlist your frontal lobe to support your prayer by bringing this authentic emotional energy behind Kleem. Then the right brain activation will create an intuitive abundance. You know right brain has no constrain like the left brain to think of abundance, and then it very quickly responds to music, dance fun arts, and imagination.

Brain And Manifestation

So, you need to have to enhance the right brain through the sound Kleem and creative visualization, you know, through intuition, through making the process of manifesting abundance more brings intuition at the right hemisphere too. And then the other part of the brain you have here is the left brain. The left brain is the scientific brain. It will initially create problems, but eventually, without the left brain, manifestation cannot happen. Kleem Brzee will help enlist the left brain’s support so that you believe it more in your manifestation.

Manifesting Through Sound and Brain Activation

Midbrain activation is the most important part of the program, where you will put the sound in the midbrain. The midbrain is the old brain because the neocortex came later on during evolution. It is again a very primordial brain and connected to the Pituitary and the Pineal glands. I did a course many years ago on midbrain activation. So using Kleem Brzee, what I would do for you when you do the program, will go in-depth into how you can activate different parts of this brain with Kleem Brzee and Shreem Brzee. They work together. So that is the program that I will have. I heard that you may have some questions and answer those questions about this program.

the image captures a serene and energizing environment ideal for depicting the concept of Manifesting with Sounds and Brain Activation

If Lakshmi Is the Goddess behind Shreem Brzee, Who Is the Goddess behind Kleem Brzee?

Oh, you can say they’re sisters if you want to bring a relationship between them. Kleem is very primordial. They all belong to one family of Goddess of creation. So, she is a primordial goddess who is, you know, you can call her eldest sister if you want to. But what is important is not the images. The images are important, the mythology is important, but what is more important is the sound itself which creates emotions necessary for manifestation.

Is the Archetype of Radha Krishna Associated with Kleem?

You know, we don’t want to confuse people when you use the word archetype, it means many things. So I used to use it as an archetype because it is not me, it’s Hume who tried to use the word archetype and Eliade also did that. This is what scholars do, worry about archetypes. They mean they are angels to put it simply. Even Lakshmi has other powers too other than creating money. Kleem is also associated with Krishna; it’s also associated with Parvati and there are other gods and goddesses. So it’s not that they can do only one thing but Kleem Brzee here is a primordial Goddess of creation, of pure raw emotion energy.

Can Kleem Brzee Also Attract Money?

Yeah. Well, I have answered that question already. Again, it’s not that one God; it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. There are goddesses in general have feminine energy. The feminine energy is the one that creates because male energy causes manifestation. But the process of conceiving the manifestation and turning it into an object which I call a “winterization process” of creating matter out of concept or cause belongs to the female energy, and the goddesses do that. Kleem Brzee and Shreem Brzee are the primary angels doing that. And that’s it.

How to Calm the Mind While Meditating?

Well, let me put it this way. You should never fight with the mind. You should go along with the mind, you have to have a conversation with the mind. What do you want to think, I will think whatever you want to think. Now I prefer to think this sounds Kleem. If you have a problem, then I don’t want to think. If you want to think about going to Starbucks or Pizza Hut, I will think about it, or the bill payment, I will think about it. But then in the meantime, you just come back and then use Kleem. This is the most important point. The most important point is not thinking about Kleem. It’s about outaloud saying Kleem. You can beat the mind by just shouting the mantra. KLEEM BRZEE.

Speech Sounds Can Manifest Better than Thought Sounds

When you are engaged out loud, you know, chanting the mantra, then the mind will lose its power. Also, speech sounds can manifest better than thought sounds. Other people will say in other ways too, but my one school is speech manifests. God said let there be light, and light was there. God said that and spoke the word into manifestation. So that’s how you deal with the mind. Shout Shreem Brzee or Kleem Brzee. Or if you cannot shout because there are other people around, just out aloud go and with all your body, mind, and soul say Kleem.

The Mind Is Not an Object, Its a Habit

The mind comes in, this is boring I don’t want to do it. Okay, take a break and then again come back to the sound, okay. That’s what it is. You have to remember that there is nothing called mind. You are there as consciousness. The mind is a habit. But it’s not an object. It’s a habit. The habit is to think random thoughts, old thoughts, and depressive thoughts. And then you can conquer all this through these sounds. I’ve done many videos on that, you know, on how to control the mind and how to use mantras. You may want to look at them. So that’s all about it. What I’m going to do is I’m going to create the program and then people will, the teachers will help you out to practice them. Then I’ll explain the practice and everything in the videos that I will do for this program. God bless.”


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