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These visuals beautifully capture the tranquil and mystical essence of the mantra,depicting the serene practice of chanting the Kleem Brzee mantra. The Kleem Brzee Mantra: Unlocking Love, Wealth, and Charm

What is the Kleem Brzee Mantra?

The Kleem Brzee mantra is a unique combination of two potent seed sounds: Kleem and Brzee.

  • Kleem: This sound is associated with multiple archetypes, each representing different aspects of life:
    • Parvati: The goddess of love and devotion.
    • Krishna: The god of love, power, and creation.
    • Karuppaswamy: The lord of justice and fast action.
  • Brzee: This is a powerful mantra given by Dr. Pillai, aimed at attracting wealth, health, and overall abundance. Dr. Pillai has emphasized that whenever you’re in trouble or in need, chanting “Brzee” can be extremely beneficial.

Uses of the Kleem Brzee Mantra

The Kleem Brzee mantra is incredibly versatile and can be used to attract and create various positive outcomes in life:

  • Business Opportunities: By chanting this mantra, you can attract potential business prospects effortlessly.
  • Relationships: It helps in attracting and nurturing love relationships, bringing harmony and affection into your life.
  • Material Desires: This mantra can help attract physical assets such as homes, vehicles, and jobs.
  • Charming Personality: Kleem Brzee enhances your charm and attractiveness, making you more appealing to others.
  • Wealth and Health: Promotes overall well-being and financial stability, aiding in the attraction of wealth and health.

How to Use the Kleem Brzee Mantra

  • Chanting Time:
    • Kleem Brzee: Best chanted in the morning or during the day due to its vibrant and active energy. Chanting it at night might activate your energy too much, making it difficult to sleep.
    • Shreem Brzee: Suitable for evening chanting as it has a calming effect that won’t keep you awake.
  • Chanting Duration: Aim for 108 repetitions per session. This number is significant in many spiritual traditions.
  • Chanting Speed: You can chant the mantra quickly or slowly, depending on your preference and the amount of time you have.
  • Chanting Method: While it can be chanted during other activities, it is more beneficial to chant in a quiet, meditative state for deeper focus and greater benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should we stop chanting Shreem Brzee and start Kleem Brzee?

  • No, continue chanting Shreem Brzee and add Kleem Brzee to your practice. Chant Kleem Brzee in the morning and Shreem Brzee in the evening. Dr. Pillai has emphasized that both mantras are powerful and can be used together.

2. Can I attract a specific person with the Kleem Brzee mantra?

  • It is not recommended to focus on a specific person as it interferes with their karma. Instead, use the mantra to enhance your own attractive and charming energy, which will naturally draw the right person to you.

3. Can I attract money through Kleem Brzee?

  • Yes, Kleem Brzee can bring you wealth by attracting opportunities and abundance. It helps in removing scarcity and promoting a mindset of prosperity.

4. Where can I find the Kleem Brzee mantra?

  • You can find the Kleem Brzee mantra in Dr. Pillai’s voice by following the link. Enter your email to receive the mantra, Shreem Brzee, and a guidebook on how to use them effectively.

5. How about Kleem Shreem Brzee?

  • Dr. Pillai has not introduced this combination, so it’s best to stick with the given mantras: Shreem Brzee and Kleem Brzee. Avoid creating new mantras on your own.

6. Are Varahi and Shreem Brzee the same?

  • Varahi is a fierce form of Lakshmi, associated with the earth and fast action. Shreem Brzee is associated with Maha Lakshmi. They are different but share similarities in their connection to abundance and prosperity.

7. Does Kleem Brzee generate money better than Shreem Brzee?

  • Try Kleem Brzee and see how it works for you. Each person’s energy and karma are unique, so results may vary. Experiment and see which mantra resonates more with you.

8. Can we chant Kleem Brzee if we are feeling negative?

  • Absolutely. Chanting can help offset negativity and bring positive energy into your life. The mantra will still work, even if you are in a negative state, and can help uplift your mood.

9. How much time should we invest per day?

  • Aim for 20 minutes in the morning and evening. If time is limited, even 10 or 5 minutes can be beneficial. The key is consistency and commitment to daily practice.

10. Why is Dr. Pillai giving us a new mantra?

  • Evolution brings new insights. The Kleem Brzee mantra is a new level in the Brzee series, suitable for our current times. It addresses the need for love, peace, and active creation in today’s world.

11. Do we attract the Goddess with Kleem?

  • Yes, Kleem is associated with archetypes like Parvati, Krishna, and Radha. Chanting Kleem can help you connect with these divine energies.

12. Can ladies chant during the menstrual period?

  • Yes, ladies can chant and meditate during this time but should avoid rituals.

13. Can I use Kleem Brzee to find a job?

  • Yes, Kleem Brzee can attract job opportunities and career breakthroughs. It helps in creating and attracting the right circumstances for career growth.

14. How do I use Kleem Brzee to get rid of fears?

  • Pray for the removal of fear and visualize a life without it. Replace negative projections with positive ones and chant the mantra to empower your new reality. Focus on the positive outcomes and trust in the process.

15. Can we chant while at the market or doing house chores?

  • Yes, you can chant during other activities. It’s better than letting your mind wander aimlessly. However, sitting in meditation can deepen the practice and enhance the mantra’s effects.

16. What is the difference between Shreem Brzee and Kleem Brzee?

  • Shreem Brzee focuses on wealth, beauty, and joy, while Kleem Brzee emphasizes attraction, charm, and active creation. Both mantras aim to remove scarcity and bring abundance, but they do so through different energies.


The Kleem Brzee mantra is a powerful tool for attracting positivity, wealth, and love into your life. Incorporating it into your daily routine alongside Shreem Brzee can help you align with these energies and manifest your desires more effectively. Embrace the power of Kleem Brzee and experience the transformation it brings. Happy chanting!


Personal Shreem Brzee & Kleem Brzee Mantra Initiation Session


Kalkidas Siddhar/Beth DesMarais, an esteemed channel taught and blessed by Dr. Pillai, will meet with you one-on-one to initiate you into the Kleem Brzee and Shreem Brzee mantras. You can opt for either coach for your one-on-one initiation. Through a process of transmission, they will impart the mantras to you, teach you how to meditate with them, and guide you on how to incorporate them into your spiritual practice.

Kleem Brzee remedial technologies will be performed on your behalf by expert Vedic priests in Dr. Pillai’s Remedy Center in India.

What do you receive?

  • 81 Coconuts Smashed, 27 per Month on 14th Moon
  • 3 (Monthly) 11th Waxing Moon Kleem Brzee Group Fire Labs for Radha Krishna
  • 12 (Weekly) Friday Cow Feedings for Abundance Blessings
  • 12 (Weekly) Kleem Brzee Radha Krishna Friday Poojas
  • 3 (Monthly) New Moon Group Fire Labs for God of Justice (Karuppaswamy)
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