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Archetype karuppaswamy on a white riding horse with a sword in his hand


Dr. Pillai: “Om Kum Kalki Karuppaswamy Namaha (8x) I want you to Discover the Divine Power of Karuppaswamy. I’ve done many videos, and I think it would be useful if I just said one or two things about Karuppaswamy and explained the extraordinary things that Karuppaswamy can do, which are called miracles.

Karuppaswamy Is a Miracle God

And those people who are familiar with Jesus, you know that the ministry of Jesus is a miracle ministry, even today. One occasion that comes to my mind: Jesus was sitting on a rock and a woman came to draw water from a well, and Jesus wanted some water from that well when she was drawing. She said I’m a low-class person; you are a Jew, and you shouldn’t drink the water from a woman like me. Jesus woke up from the place where he was sitting and went to her and sat and talked about her husband; she lied to Jesus that she didn’t have a husband. No, you have four husbands and you are living with this man or something. She was so surprised. How did Jesus know about all these things about her? This is the best introduction for Karuppaswamy.

Karuppaswamy would say to people “Don’t lie to me because I know everything. I won’t lie. And I don’t want people to lie. And I don’t let go of people who try to lie and then do unethical things.” That is the best introduction that I can give you for Karuppaswamy.

He’s a Righteous God

How he came to my life: one day I was passing by a small temple of Karuppaswamy and he stopped my car. And I looked at the small temple and I went in. It was closed. In the evening, the priest who channels Karuppaswamy channel that Karuppaswamy is none other than Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu, which I believe he is because no one else can do what Karuppaswamy is doing, and then there are hundreds of people now in Tamil Nadu, if not more, a few hundred I would say are channeling Karuppaswamy. When he descends into your body, then you get the wisdom of Karuppaswamy because that is for the period that he lives in your body when you Discover the Divine Power of Karuppaswamy.

The God of Justice Who Helps Us Quickly

He can do miracles for other people. And Karuppaswamy is popular among villages because he likes villagers. After all, they have no money, and he wants to help the poor people, people without many resources. There is something about Karuppaswamy that pulled me towards him, and he has done so many miracles for me. And then I can talk to him at any time I want to. And then he gives me all kinds of knowledge, all kinds of, including science and technology. And how would he know about science and technology? Yes, he does. So, I thought that it would be very helpful for us, especially when he is recognized as the 10th Avatar of Vishnu, for people to get to know him and use him just to get miracles in their lives, and not only Karuppaswamy can get into bodies of people or channels …

Karuppaswamy Is Love, Mercy, and Compassion

What he’s saying right now, about how can he help people? He can help you to perform miracles. How? When you develop a personal relationship with him. And to get a personal relationship with him is very easy. All that is needed is an identity that you will create with him that he is none other than you, and you are none other than him, and then that you are honest. You are very sincere in your relationship with Karuppaswamy. And then he can come and then he will lead you. There is no need for you to read books and philosophy and other things, mysticism, etc. They are not needed. He is a simple God. He can look at your heart and then immediately he will know that you are the right person through whom he can come through and speak.

Karuppaswamy Is like the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit in every one of us. The Holy Spirit is God within us. You have the Holy Spirit, but you do not know how to use the Holy Spirit. But once you develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit, then you will have the understanding that the Holy Spirit has the understanding to know about present, past, and future, and to do impossible things.

He Is Love Incarnate and He Doesn’t Tolerate the Poverty of People

So, Karuppaswamy will go and do things that is impossible. He would say “I want to get you this land, but there was some mistake made that your name was not included, I will go on and correct it.” How is it possible? It is possible and he has done it. Things like that he would do. And if your planet is not doing good things for you and then hurting you, he will say to “I’ll go and talk to the planet.” The planet is not just a celestial object but also a Being, and this is the understanding in Vedic Astrology and Siddha astrology as well. So, he can go and talk to Saturn and say, “Saturn, you have harmed him enough, please don’t give him any more troubles,” and then he will negotiate a deal and then this person will be relieved.

So, there are so many things that Karuppaswamy does for you, which reminds me of Jesus, and his miracle when he was working with poor people. He touches and heals people, even making blind people to see. All these things, whatever Jesus has done for these poor people, Karuppaswamy has been doing.

Health, Wealth, and Relationships Are Very Important for Karuppaswamy

And also when you get to know him not because you have made initiated to go see him, but he knows everybody and he draws you. And after that, you will get to know him more. And then he’ll descend into your body.

This happened to Sunny Kalki Das, who is also in this program. He Discovered the Divine Power of Karuppaswamy. And he is very interesting. His background has nothing to do with Karuppaswamy, in this lifetime at least. He’s a biotech engineer, bioinformatics, very advanced science. And then he came to the US and then he got an MBA, but he was not interested in any of the things except to learn about miracles. And when he had a passion for that, I introduced him to Karuppaswamy. And Karuppaswamy was much more pleased with him than other people that I have known to whom I have given the Karuppaswamy initiation, which I would give you on New Year’s Day because the reason why Karuppaswamy is important is that he doesn’t give lectures, discourses.

You know, I hate lectures myself. It has to be “What do you want, it has to be done.” That is the bottom line. And that’s what Karuppaswamy is if you Discover the Divine Power of Karuppaswamy.

He Is Very Delighted to Solve Your Problems With His Divine Power

If you are sick, I will kill sickness. If you don’t have money, I’ll give you the money. If you don’t have a relationship, I will give relationship. And if you have a court case, I will solve the court cases. And I have never seen a God or Being who feels so happy to solve the problems of people who are dedicated to him. But the bottom line is you have to be dedicated to Karuppaswamy. Then he will do anything and everything for you. You have to Discover the Divine Power of Karuppaswamy.

Connect with an Extraordinary Deity

And I will also teach you on the 13th, after the initiation, I will teach you how you can have a sustained relationship with Karuppaswamy. This is not going to cost much except pure faith and constant engagement with him, you have to take a few steps, but then he will come on his own and guide you. So, there are, as I said, a few hundred people now available in Tamil Nadu who can give Karuppaswamy readings, and Karuppaswamy gets into their bodies.”

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