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Karuppasamy Is a Miracle God

Dr. Pillai: “Why do we need miracles in our lives? Because there are no other ways foreseeable through which we can solve our financial problems, relationship problems, and health problems.

The mainline teaching of Hinduism says that life is full of trials and tribulations coming out of your karma, which is destiny, the things that you did in your past life. Bad things that you did in your past life are a cause for your suffering now.

Unique God in Hinduism

However, there is a unique God in Hinduism, and this God is mostly known and worshipped by villagers in the state of Tamil Nadu where I have come from. So, he is Karuppasamy. He is a no-nonsense God. And He gives you, not simply remedies, but also he is very much involved in instantly finding a solution for your financial problem, for your health problem, for your relationship problem.

How does this happen? You know, there are priests, Karuppasamy priests, not all of them, but there are quite a few of them, who can channel Karuppasamy, that means, he gets Karuppasamy into his body and then will do miracles for you.

Karuppasamy Himself Doesn’t Even Have Temples

There are very few Karuppasamy temples have been built. But otherwise, there will be often a rock or a sword or a horse, these are symbols of Karuppasamy, and would be kept in the wilderness. And people know that Karuppasamy is in the rock or also in a tree, usually a tamarind tree, so they go and worship.

Only Karuppasamy Decides the People Whom He Would Call to Him

The most important thing is to know that you can get Karuppasamy into your own body, and your mind and will be able to talk to him. It is not possible that a few really good channels of Karuppasamy could help everyone. See for instance, if you go to a good Karuppasamy channel, usually a thousand people will go to a good Karuppasamy reader. But only Karuppasamy decides the people whom he would call to him and then instantly solves his problem. So if thousands of people go there, and then there will be, say, fifty people or less will have the chance to talk to Karuppasamy who is in the body of the priest, and he would solve your problem.

Karuppasamy Is Very Delighted to Solve Your Problems

But the best way is for you to become a channel for Karuppasamy because he is love incarnate. He doesn’t tolerate the poverty of people. He doesn’t tolerate ill health, he doesn’t tolerate people without a relationship. Health, wealth, and relationships are very important for Karuppasamy; not that he wants it for himself, but for other people, for human beings.

But as I said, it’s not possible that you will be able to get an audience with the Karuppasamy that easily because he has to call you; you cannot bribe him. So the best thing to do is to know the steps through which you can invite him into your body. And then he will gladly come into your body, provided you’re honest and sincere in your devotion to him.

All These Things Are Possible

So, I decided to give opportunity for everyone to be able to be in touch with Karuppasamy and create the ability to talk to him and know through him how to heal yourself and also heal others too.

So, to facilitate that, I have decided to create an international forum for Karuppasamy, and then demonstrate to people that it is possible that you can find a solution for an illness for which there is no medicine or a very serious financial problem, similarly a relationship problem. The joy that Karuppasamy has toward human beings, and particularly the joy that he derives when he heals them, is immense. You can see that, and then I will down the road show some of the case studies that I am particularly interested in, which I’ll share with you.

Karuppasamy Does Many Miracles

He will say “Ah! Do you want me to solve your problem?” He will talk to you. “And now or later? I will do it now.” And as he says this, you can see the authenticity of his feelings towards human beings and the necessity to heal that disease or financial problem. And he feels the problem as though that he is going through the problems. And he doesn’t want that to happen so he heals the person or gives money to the person and does so many miracles.

International Forum for Karuppasamy

So this forum called “International Forum for Karuppasamy” will do a lot of things. First to create an opportunity for people to know about Karuppasamy. I would repost some of the Karuppasamy videos I have done in the past 10 years or so. And also currently what I’m going to do is we can invoke him in the temples where he has decided to be present. And those temples could be as I said just a rock or a tree, and to invoke him in those sacred spaces and then get his grace, and that’s the first step. Then I will as we go along give you more teachings on Karuppasamy. All glory to Karuppasamy!

No-Nonsense God

For more than a decade, I’ve been talking about this God called Karuppasamy. And I often call him a No-Nonsense God. And if you want to know more about who Karuppasamy is, I think you may want to go to my YouTube videos. For at least 14 years, I think that may be right, I’ve been working with him, and then he inspired me today to do this video. I also helped people to channel Karuppasamy; that means you talk to Karuppasamy and benefit. And some of them have even become professionals in channeling.

I have to help people to come back to him

But anyway, the reason today I’m doing this video is on Karuppasamy’s request that I have to help people to come back to him. And particularly, he said those who come from Karuppasamy families. Meaning, that in India, there are family gods and goddesses. Karuppasamy seems to have a lot of families who worship him as their God, but then they have discontinued. So he is inviting several millions of people to come to him so that they can relate to Karuppasamy more. That doesn’t mean he’s not for other people across the world. Anybody who wants to contact him or wants to benefit by him may want to see my old videos.

Light a Candle, and Then Pray to Him

But in this video, I just would want to say the easiest way is you can go, you know, light a candle, and then pray to him. Pray to him in a certain, what I would say, concentrated, focused way or attention. The body, mind, and soul should all be together. And then surrender to him. Meaning that you trust him. And then allow him to operate without your ego and mind interfering. That’s why he says always “Go and fall at my feet first. And pray.” So that is key. That is key for any God whom you want to come in your life. Any God. Because when the ego is gone, when the mind is gone, what is left out is nirvana or emptiness. And in that emptiness, you can call any God, but I’m not going to talk about the rest of them, only Karuppasamy because he’s a no-nonsense God.

What do I mean by no-nonsense God? He will say your problem, and state your problem very clearly. “Hey, you want a baby. You have a problem. The sperm counts are low. But don’t worry about it. I will fix it.” And he will give a date by the time when it will be alright.

Surrender with Your Body, Mind, and Soul

And then there is another woman who wanted a baby, and he said “There are a few tumors in your uterus, and I’ll fix it.” That’s why I call him No-nonsense God. He doesn’t want to go deep into that. And he will take only two or three minutes, not even two minutes, just one minute. And this is what attracted me to him. And then what my contribution here to Karuppasamy worship is Karuppasamy doesn’t give reading for everyone, maybe not even 1 percent. So 99 percent people who depend on somebody channeling Karuppasamy on their behalf are frustrated that they aren’t getting the reading. The best thing to do to address this issue is just surrender with your body, mind, and soul. And then pray to him, “This is the problem. Help me.” And then he will come and help you.

8:20 PM Is the Time He Descends into the Earth Plane

Just light a candle and then offer a lime or lemon to him and then pray, and that’s all. And keep on praying. And the time to pray is 8:20 pm. That’s the time he descends into the earth plane.

I’m doing this because he wanted this, particularly for those families who worship Karuppasamy as their family God or deity. So, those people in Tamilnadu, there will be at least I will say 20, 30 million people who worship Karuppasamy. Most of them have discontinued this worship. But if you get back to it, then that will be very good. I wanted to do this in Tamil. But Karuppasamy intends that I do it in English. So I will also do it separately in Tamil later on. God bless!”

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