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Dr. Pillai: “We are inviting a very special form of Kala Bhairava, called Swarna Bhairava, to come down to the Earth plane. Swarna means ’gold,’ Akarshana is ‘attraction.’ This is the Bhairava who attracts gold for everyone who worships him.

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava can do miracles for the world and for you. He can put money in the hands of spiritual people who are devoted and love God and have compassion for others. He brings gold, and everyone needs money at this time.

The mantras are very powerful

I went for a walk and I told Maya we are going to chant ‘Om Shree Swarna Akarshana Bhairavaya Namaha’ home out loud when we walk.

Om Shree Swarna Akarshana Bhairavaya Namaha (3x) 

Just for 45 minutes while we were walking.

After I came here, I felt sad, and started looking at some YouTube shorts. There was one YouTube short, and this person was digging the ground.

Then he found a pot, and he took the pot out. It was made of Chinese clay, and he broke it open. Inside, there was a treasure bag full of gold diamonds and all kinds of precious metals.

Why did I look at that particular one? I came to see that particular short clip. It was because of the father of the mantra.

The Mantra is Swarna (Gold) Akarshana (Attraction) Bhairava (Shiva’s Angel) Namaha (Salute)

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava is a form of Shiva who can help you attract gold. ‘Swarna’ means gold. Even within 45 minutes of chanting it while we were walking, we were able to at least attract the video, which shows somebody digging the ground and uncovering a treasure kit full of gold.

Experiment with this mantra

Everybody needs gold for survival, gold meaning money. Once you have enough gold, then you have time to do whatever you want.

You probably do not want to misuse your time doing stupid things, but to devote to God.”

Offerings to Swarna Akarshana Bhairava

Panakam – a jaggery-based drink and sweets made using ash gourd are offered to Swarna akarshana Bhairava. Coconuts, food prepared from Black Lentils are also offered. Red or yellow color flowers are apt for worship.

Receive Divine Solutions for Accelerated Wealth Attraction, Protection & Removal of Limitations

Swarna Bhairava is known for his compassion, generosity, and blessings of wealth. He also removes fear and consensus reality that act as limiting factors to wealth attainment in your life.

He has a special ability to speed up these manifestations, as he bestows gifts quickly to those who connect with him. He is very in tune with his devotees and can anticipate their needs and desires.

Swarna Akarshana Bhairava provides compassionate support for people who:

  • Wish to improve their finances
  • Struggle to find relief from financial problems
  • Desire to succeed in their investment plan
  • Acquire properties
  • Understand that time is money and wish their efforts to be more productive
  • Seek to create surplus to be able help others
  • A new and improved relationship with time and space
  • Enlightenment

Access Gold-Giving Mantra: Om Shree Swarna Akarshana Bhairava Namaha

Swarna Bhairava is a compassionate and generous form of Lord Shiva who grants gold and wealth to those who connect with him. His mantra is “Om Shree Swarna Akarshana Bhairavaya Namaha.”

You can chant the mantra along with the video to strengthen your focus, engagement, and connection. Even if you cannot listen to the video in its entirety, spending a few minutes with the mantra can appease Swarna Bhairava to bring forth his blessings.

To continue invoking Swarna Bhairava’s presence, it is recommended that you listen to or chant the mantra daily for as long as you can.

Gold Is Everlasting

Gold represents wealth, but it is also a symbol of majesty, royalty, spiritual power, purity, and beauty. It is everlasting and does not tarnish like other precious metals. Gold is extraterrestrial. Instead of arising from the Earth’s rocky crust like other valuable metals and gems, it comes from space, manifesting from interstellar explosions. It is a Supernova gift from the stars that became embedded in the Earth for our discovery.

As such, gold was given to us by the Gods. Now God—specifically Swarna Bhairava, who is activated around Gold—is coming to gift it to those who will care for it and express compassion for his people. Swarna Bhairava loves gold so much that if you worship it, he manifests within it. When you hold the gold, his powerful energy can flow into you.

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Golden Consciousness Fire Lab Mentorship Program

At this transformative time, Swarna Bhairava descends to Earth to help people transition to the Age of Truth with a Golden Consciousness for effortless creation.

Performing these powerful fire rituals to call forth his presence can bless you with:

  • Improving finances
  • A prosperity consciousness that infuses with area of your life
  • Faith (which does not come naturally for humans) and Power through Faith
  • Golden opportunities: the right person at the right time for the right result
  • Elimination of fear in your daily life
  • Happiness and bliss – especially in self-confidence and family relationships

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