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Lunar eclipse on black full moon with golden border and a starry background

After 69 Years: Rare Lunar Eclipse Coincides With Panguni Uthiram

“The upcoming Full Moon is a very important time, because it teaches about the role of relationships. Just as there are weddings on the Earth plane, there are weddings in Heaven too. The God and Goddess celebrate their wedding at this time. It is the time that you can remedy problems in a relationship, whether you are married, living with someone, or even if you don’t have a relationship.” – Dr. Pillai

Panguni Uthiram is a significant festival that falls during the Full Moon of the Panguni Uthiram month. God’s divine marriages happen in temples and spiritual centers during this day.

Every year, during Panguni Uthiram, the Moon will be entering the Uthiram or Uttara Phalguni star.

Opportune Time to Focus on Healing Relationships

After 69 years, this year’s Lunar Eclipse coincides with Panguni Uthiram, Full Moon Day of Divine Marriages. The star associated with Panguni Uthiram is Uttara Phalguni. It possesses Chayani Shakti, or the power to attain wealth and prosperity through long-lasting partnerships.

Connecting with the harmony-enhancing energy of the Panguni Full Moon can help dissolve negative relationship karma, solve relationship problems, and help you attract good fortune, success, and loving relationships.

Creates Emotional Imbalance

The upcoming Lunar Eclipse will occur in Virgo, where the Moon is with Ketu. According to Vedic Astrology, the Moon denotes the mind, emotions, equilibrium, and feelings. As Ketu eclipses the Moon, it may make you lose your equilibrium and act impulsively, thereby affecting your personal and professional relationships.

This is the ideal time to engage in higher spiritual growth, show compassion, and be understanding. Health may need more focus, especially mental health. Be aware of your negative aspects and try to stay positive. The time is right to remember and honor your ancestors and perform Tarpanam for them.


Rahu, Sun & Mercury in Pisces:

Mercury will be debilitated in Pisces, which it will share with the Sun and Rahu. Although Mercury and Rahu go well with each other, the Sun is uncomfortable with Rahu.

This combination can trigger the negative qualities and harsh tendencies of the Sun, like being aggressive, egoistic, and dominating, which may hamper your communication in your relationships. It can also cause fear and lead you into stressful situations.

On a positive note, this conjunct can bring breakthroughs and enable you to pursue well-planned goals.

Vedic experts recommend people born under the following stars be cautious and perform rituals to safeguard them.

  • Sun Stars– Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashada, & Krittika
  • Venus Stars– Bharani, Purva Phalguni, & Purvashada
  • Mars Stars– Chitra, Dhanista, & Mrigasira

Scriptures Describe Multifold Blessings of Performing Lunar Eclipse Rituals

Any charitable deeds or spiritual practices performed on the day of the Lunar Eclipse is believed to bring multifold benefits. According to Dharma Shastra (Collections of Treatises on Sacred Duties), chanting any Vedic mantra even once during the Eclipse can bestow you with multifold benefits.

As the influence of the Moon on the earth plane would be high during the Lunar Eclipse, it can affect your mind, thoughts, and feelings. Chanting mantras and practicing meditation can bring peace of mind and relax you.

Do’s and Don’ts on Eclipse Day

It is important to avoid certain things and perform some rituals to ward off negative energies during the Eclipse.

  • If possible, fast during the Eclipse period
  • Don’t cook or eat during Eclipse time
  • Take a bath after the Eclipse
  • Listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam (1000 Divine Names of Vishnu) or Shiva’s Mrityunjaya Mantra
  • Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” or “Om Namo Narayana” during the Eclipse
  • Pregnant women should not expose themselves to the Moon

Invoke The Blessings Of Divine Couples On Panguni Uthiram

The Panguni Uthiram festival is celebrated on a unique Full Moon that occurs once a year. It is on this Full Moon day that the divine marriages of Lord Muruga and Devasena, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, and many other divine celestial couples took place.

It is believed that when you offer prayers to connect with this divine wedding model on Panguni Uthiram, you invite perfect love into your personal life. It is on this day that anyone is able to easily connect with the energies of the divine couples and seek their blessings to resolve any relationship issue.

The Panguni Uthiram Full Moon is celebrated for its ability to dissolve negative relationship karma, solve marital problems, and help you attract a loving relationship. Honor the Panguni Uthiram Full Moon powertime by taking the time to connect with divine couples to receive the blessings of relationships that are more fulfilling and fruitful.

Celebrate 2 Divine Marriages

Muruga & Devasena

Muruga is the Pleiadean Spiritual Warrior Archetype who is often depicted with six heads – each one symbolizing a different part of the brain. He was born from the 3rd Eye of Shiva and represents awakening of the 3rd Eye and brain. His divine intelligence purifies karma and destroys inner enemies.

Davasena is Muruga’s first wife. She is sometimes known as Devayanai, which means “celestial elephant.” She was raised by an elephant named Airavata.

Shiva & Parvati

Shiva is known as the Destroyer of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. What does he destroy. He destroys karma and the thought patterns that bring misfortune. He cares for nothing other than enlightenment.

Parvati is Shiva’s wife. She is known by many as the Goddess of Relationships. It is believed that connecting with her attracts and heals relationships and strengthens family life.

The Significance of Panguni Uthiram

  • Several celestial marriages are believed to have happened during Panguni Uthiram, Goddess Parvati married Shiva, Goddess Maha Lakshmi married Vishnu, Devasena married Lord Muruga, and Sita married Shri Ram.
  • Goddess Maha Lakshmi emerged from the Milky ocean on Panguni Uthiram.
  • Lord Ayyappa, Hariharaputra was also born on this day.
  • Panguni Uthiram is observed grandly at the Thyagarajaswamy Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. This Powerspot is one of the 276-day petra sthalams of Shiva and is one of the five Shiva mukthi sthalams.
  • During this day, devotees visit Murugan temples in large numbers.
  • Many devotees observe fast on this day.

Benefits of Panguni Uthiram Ceremonies

  • It helps you seek your soulmate
  • Bestows long-lasting relationships
  • It helps find a suitable life partner
  • Enhances intimacy between couples
  • Boosts health and overall wellbeing
  • Removes afflictions caused by Mars for women in birth chart and Venus for men in the birth chart.

Mantras to Bless Your Relationship or Manifest One

  • Kleem Attraction Mantra

Chant ‘Kleem’, the mantra of attraction. You can use it to attract a lover or to breathe new life into your existing relationship. It carries the energy of healthy relationships. Just say kleeeeeeeeeemmmmmmm. Do this at every opportunity so that it can build tremendous strength within you.

  • Sita & Rama Mantra

Chant ‘Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram’. They are pronounced SEE-tah and rahm. Sita and Rama are the Divine Couple of virtue, truth, courage, and alignment with Dharma (Divine Purpose). Together, they can strengthen and purify your relationship.

  • Radha & Krishna Mantra

Chanting ‘Radhe Bol Hari Bol, Radhe Bol Hari Bol’ can help you attract a relationship or strengthen one. It’s pronounced RAHD-hay bowl HAH-ree bowl. Radha and Krishna symbolize Divine Relationship.

Time to Self-Reflect & Seek Ancestral Blessings for Protection & Progress

According to Vedic Astrology, the upcoming Lunar Eclipse will occur on Mar. 25, 2024, an uncommon planetary alignment day when three power planets, Rahu, Sun, and Mercury, are in Pisces, and the Moon and Ketu are directly opposite in Virgo.

As Ketu shares the sign with the Moon, it overshadows its positive qualities and creates Grahan Dosha (Eclipse Affliction).

This unique combination of planets can help strengthen the signs they occupy and nullify the negative influence of the Lunar Eclipse to some extent, encourage personal and spiritual growth, and improve your ability to manifest goals and gains.

Vedic experts believe that it is a day for clearing your karmic baggage, pacifying your ancestors, and self-introspection. According to Dharma Shastra, it is important to perform Tarpanam and meditation on the day of the Lunar Eclipse for protection, family well-being, and peace of mind.

Pillai Center will be performing special rituals that include a Grand Fire Lab to invoke the positive aspects of the Moon, an Individual Fire Lab to clear afflictions for those born during the Lunar Eclipse, Vedic Hymn Chanting, Special Poojas to Moon and its Controller Shiva and to Navagraha, as well as an Ancestral Ritual for overall protection and to alleviate negative energies, enhance your emotional balance, restore health, and gain ancestral blessings for a happy and prosperous life.



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