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From the 30th of May until the 5th of July, Venus, planet of sensual pleasures, luxury, wealth and artistic endeavors will travel through watery Cancer.

Even though the owner of Cancer, the sensitive and nurturing Moon, does not see eye to eye with Venus, this transit can bring a softer kind of motherly love and a passion for nourishing others.

Also, exalted Jupiter, epitome of expansion and positivity, will be sharing quarters with Venus.

Both these planets embody happiness due to their ultra positive nature, which grants them the status of humanity’s teachers. But here’s the catch: Jupiter teaches the Gods and Venus the Asuras (or demons)—meaning that Jupiter’s preoccupations are with your spiritual development and highest ethics, while Venus’ interests lie mostly in human love and happiness on the earth plane.

However, together these two planets can turn your life into a joy ride, especially when you are aware of possible missteps and make the best of this association.

Below, find six easy tips to grow your wealth and get it all on both the material and spiritual levels.

1. Pure love

 Because exalted Jupiter will greatly influence Venus, love may now turn motherly. Indulge this need and you will acquire karmic kudos and happiness by bringing unconditional love and nourishment to others.

2. Think outrageous wealth

 If you have never thought you can become a millionaire (or a billionaire) you might now feel strongly inclined towards great financial expansion. Your optimism in pursuing wealth could surprise you and you won’t be satisfied with average surroundings. A bigger home, luxury items (Venus’ domains) will motivate you to increase your income. And—Jupiter’s lucky influence will help you satisfy all your desires!

3. Too much of a good thing

Watch for excess pleasure through foods. Venus loves sensual pleasures and Jupiter expands everything he touches. So maintain your fitness through exercise and self-discipline.

4. Luxury décor

Both Venus and Jupiter engender creativity—your home may now turn into a lovelier space by adding elegant fabrics, colors and furniture into your living space. Redesigning your interiors would now bring you great happiness. Even just adding a few new pillows or curtains in an attractive shade will increase your home comfort.

5. Learn beauty

Jupiter is the planet of knowledge par excellence and Venus desires beautiful creations. Learning anything regarding the fine arts (Jupiter) and enjoying them (Venus) may now prompt you to study classical singing or the violin—as louder and more contemporary music may now seem harsh and less attractive.

6. Goddess of Knowledge

Exalted Jupiter will enhance a desire for divine knowledge. Venus is associated with all Goddesses. Saraswati, the Goddess who protects all the arts and learning can intervene on your behalf. Appeal to her with her sounds: OM AIM SARASWATYEI NAMAHA, or simply AIM.

You can also increase the wealth-giving energy of Venus and Jupiter with the following sounds:

OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus); OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (for Lakshmi, the Goddess who rules Venus); OM GURAVE NAMAHA (for Jupiter).

Enjoy the energies!

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