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Your passions are about to rise considerably as Venus, the planet of love, art, beauty, happiness and luxury, enters Scorpio on November 26.

So until December 20, Venus will be traveling in the sign of Mars that loves secrets, exploration, research, inner-earth resources and yes, passion.

In Vedic astrology Venus and Mars—the planet of energy and defense—aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. These planets are, in fact, lukewarm or neutral to each other.

This is because the too-hot-for-comfort energy of Mars can sometimes diminish the watery, cooler energy of Venus—a planet that brings happiness through social life, pleasant entertainment, sensual pleasures and human connections.

Yet Venus in Scorpio has a lot to offer you and can even boost your happiness in the holiday and party season.

So to dive into mysterious Scorpio waters and find joys beyond your expectations, here for you: an easy, Vedic and holiday guide by sign, to make merry, be generous and happy in the next three and a half weeks.

Pleasures from the unknown

Have you ever gotten so immersed in your school or work research that you forgot to eat, sleep or even breathe?

Or perhaps the allure of an ancient science or myth touched you so deeply that you developed a whole new passion—which led to your transformation from a dull and meaningless life to a deeply rich and satisfying one?

Now no matter the field you’ll choose to explore—your genetic pool, psychology, predictive sciences, myth or archaeological findings—the holiday season will take a whole new and profound meaning.

 And in your relationships, you’re about to move from the seasonal small talk or conventional niceties to deeply-felt and pleasurable moments with your family, friends, coworkers, networks and life partner.

Try this

●       Recite Venus’ mantra (or traditional sounds) OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 108 times to ensure                        happy, uncongested times with your loved ones.

●        Ban jealousy and competition to guarantee a lovely and unforgettable holiday for all.

●        Be tolerant of others’ peculiar venus in scorpio traits.

●        Immerse yourself in mystery and study life-enhancing, esoteric subjects.

●        Steer away from horror stories and violent entertainment that could cause long-term fears,                       especially in the suggestible psychology of little children.

●        Be generous—in fact generosity is one of Scorpio’s lovely traits.

●       Be kind to all, including distant relatives you barely know. Although you’ll want to do it for the sake            of impeccable ethics and good manners, Scorpio is the natural house of inheritance—and you                      never know when a distant aunt or cousin might decide to include you in their will to share their                 wealth with you.

●        Speak from the heart, as small talk just won’t do when three planets—Sun, Mercury and Venus—                will be in self-controlled yet sincere Scorpio.

●       Trust your intuition—another prerogative of Scorpio—which can help you step up an okay                            relationship, turn it into a better connection, and satisfy your need for authenticity.

Holiday gifts by astrological signs

Gifts, too, will match your intuitive knowledge of what makes another person happy. And traditional gift-giving may shift from tediously common items, to something more personal and truly heartfelt.


To help you choose something that will make the other person’s heart sing, below is a list of gifts to make all 12 astrological signs truly happy.

If you don’t know their Vedic signs, you can ask them to sign up for a free account at www.astroved.com and discover the unique qualities of their own astrological sign.



Mars rules the head. To make an Aries happy,you can give sunglasses, a winter beanie or stylish hair ornaments. If possible, choose a deep-red item. You can give a red coral or Carnelian mala or necklace.


For Taurus, Venus rules the throat and brings a taste for beauty and luxury. A lovely scarf in luxurious materials such as silk or cashmere, or a necklace made with real gems can make a Taurus really grateful.You can also give a semi-precious bracelet.White is Taurus’ color of choice. Pastels are other favorites.


If you enjoy it, let Geminis sweet talk you and tell them how much you like that. Gift them with lovely gloves, or writing and reading tools such as tablets, pens, kindle or printbooks, etc. Green is Gemini’s color.


A gift that makes home parties more intimate, something connected with the house or kitchen can appeal to a Cancerian’s taste. Holiday sweets are also appreciated. Pale pink is the color for this sensitive sign. You can also choose other Moon colors such as sea green, white or lightblue.


Anything stylish, or symbolizing royalty and status can appeal to noble Leos. Also, a gift-certificate for a day in a spa or a beauty salon treatment can make them feel like a VIP. Choose sunny-orangey yellows or maroon for garments and other items.


Virgos love cleanliness and good health. Anything related to these themes can make them happy. You can give them a ticket to a holistic health conference, or freshly scented soaps and body lotions made of organic, pure herbs and organic essential oils. Classic garments in dark green will make them happy, too.


This sign is arelationship expert and lover. Rose quartz is a love stone. Libra is artistic and loves refined designs and tasteful textiles. You can choose a personal item or an object for their home décor. Black (a Saturn color) is a Libra color that can enhance their physical appearance. They look lovely in it.


If appropriate, intense Scorpios would love a flattering swimsuit, or anything that appeals to their sense of mystery. A book on archaeology or metaphysics could make them happy. Other gift ideas for Scorpio are a spiritual course, or a mantra audio-download, or a pendant of a celestial archetype.


Being one of the more philosophical, spiritual or religious signs, Sagittarius is ruled by lucky and wise Jupiter. Gifting a Mala for reciting planetary sounds or Mantra can appeal to a Sag’s interests in foreign travel and mind-expanding subjects. For good luck, they can wear a Jupiter mala. Mustard or gold yellow are Sagittarius’ colors.


Tradition and Capricorn are one and the same. To honor their ruling Saturn, you can make a donation in their name to a favorite charity or individuals with a physical disability. Also, good-quality jewelry or a biography of statesman. You can give anything that positively represents the test of time, success and clothes in navy blue or black colors.


Innovation and compassion are two important characteristics of Aquarius. They like cutting-edge fashion that honors the unconventional energy of Rahu, one of their ruling planets. Donating money to their favorite cause in their name would make them really happy. History or astrology books can also appeal to their vast interests. Choose items in bright blue, dark blue or gray.


This is one of the most mystical and intuitive signs. Jupiter is the ruler. Anything from the Pillai Center Store—programs, yantras (sacred geometry), mantra audio recordings, malas—would likely make them happy. Also, a pilgrimage to a faraway spiritual site, or charitable donations in their name would make this gentle sign feel very fulfilled. Also, a pair of beautiful yet comfortable shoes would resonate with Pisces. Give lovely yellow items.


Celestial help

Both Dr. Pillai and the Tamil Siddha yogis say that celestial archetypes are real.

Traditional Vedic Fire Labs (or fire rituals) are considered effective devices for communicating with archetypes of wealth—such as Lakshmi and the planet Venus—and receiving miracles.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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