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What Is the Purpose of Prayer

What is a Prayer

Prayer is an effective mechanism helping a person to connect with the Supreme. Almost every religion involves praying, but the way praying is done differs from one religion to another.

Even people who don’t belong to any organized religion can offer prayers.

Why is Prayer Necessary?

For several years, there have been voices for and against the act of praying. Though we are not here to delve into whether prayer is necessary, the following observations would help us understand the significance of praying.

  1. The act of praying instils confidence in a person. It gives hope to persons when they are in despair and trouble.
  2. Prayer attracts positive vibes and plays a vital role in keeping negative vibrations at bay.
  3. It will make you more compassionate and empathetic towards others. You will be able to see the World better and understand the plight of the people.
  4. Prayer takes you closer to the Supreme being and helps you realize the greatness of the Divine.
  5. Prayers help you to relax and strengthen your mind.
  6. It improves your immunity and health.

Forms of Prayers

There are many forms of prayers. Let us discuss some of the important forms of prayers.

  1. Individual Prayer: As the name suggests, individual prayer is a personal prayer offered by a person. One can do this prayer at a place of his choice and at any time.
  2. Family Prayer: when you pray with your family, it is family prayer. Family prayer usually happens on special occasions or when the family takes food together.
  3. Group Prayer: in this prayer, you participate with a bigger crowd. Group prayers are held during special occasions and generally are for a common cause.
  4. Online prayer: development of the latest technology has revolutionized prayers too. Today, you can be present in any part of the World but participate in online prayers. Online prayers have eliminated the world boundaries and act as a binding force.
  5. Silent Prayer: The person praying does not sing any song or recite any mantras in silent prayer. They silently pray and meditate towards God.
  6. Active prayer: in this prayer, a short phrase or sentence from a Holy scripture or book is repeated silently throughout the day.

The Purpose of Prayer

The purpose of prayer cannot be the same. It will differ from individual to individual. As mentioned early, prayer’s main aim is to communicate with God, but the need of communicating with God rests entirely with the individual.

Many pray for solving their problems and the fulfilment of their desires. At the same time, some may pray for others, their family, relatives and friends. Some might go even further and pray for the betterment of the World.

No prayer is small, and everybody is free to pray what they deem necessary and essential. However, please cultivate the habit of praying for the welfare of others and the World as a whole. Praying for the greater good will make you happier and help you move closer towards the Supreme.

At Pillai Center, we conduct Group prayers every week and organize special prayers on auspicious days and important powertimes. The prayer programme is available online, and trained students of Dr Pillai will guide you. Please check our calendar to know about the weekly and special prayer schedule. Also, please reach out to us for more details on our Prayer services.

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