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Guru Hydration (Guru Pradosham)

Guru Pradosham is a fantastic opportunity to reset your life. Spiritual practices on this day can clear previous negative karma that has been blocking the blessings or grace of your Guru reaching you. This Pradosham window is your chance to open yourself to fresh teachings...
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New York Event

“It’s a great time to be in New York, when the Sun is moving into Aries. That is really the beginning of the New Year, the Sun entering Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. I must confess that the teachings I now know are...
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6th Waxing Moon: The Power Time of Lord Muruga

The Power Time of Lord Muruga 6th Waxing Moon: #ShuklaShashti# A Unique Window to Receive the Blessings of Mars and Muruga Power Rituals for 6th Waxing Moon Connect with the Archetype Muruga The Moon represents our emotions and minds; hence, the placement of the Moon...
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Grand Vishnu Ceremonies

Dr. Pillai recommends you to sponsor and participate in these grand ceremonies to connect with Lord Vishnu and receive his blessings for success, prosperity, peace and protection from natural calamities.
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