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Receive Abundant Blessings

April is considered as the month of new beginning, as it hosts the Vedic New Year (Sun enters the first zodiac sign, Aries). This year, as a rare occurrence, the first four consecutive days of April carry the transformational energies of four powerful Moons that...
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Shreem Brzee Collective

This includes initiation into a 3-step formula designed to help you manifest abundance with the sounds Shreem Brzee, the ultimate abundance manifesting mantra. In addition, every member also receives ongoing, advanced manifestation training every month to help further enhance their creative power.
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Father of Brzee Statue

Vishvamitra was the most compassionate being that ever lived on the earth plane. He was intent on giving a great life to everyone, a king's life. That is why he meditated on the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, and then received the mantra Brzee.
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Year-Long Wealth Protector And Multiplier Program

Pillai Center’s Wealth Protector and Multiplier Program comprehensively targets resolving bad financial karma through yearlong monthly rituals to protect and increase wealth and create a new financial future. Most people struggle financially, and these financial challenges sometimes trouble people for many years without end. Obstacles...
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