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Grand Homas

Spiritual Technology to Deeply Connect with the Divine and Gain Immense Blessings
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Chandi Homa – Sacred Fire Lab To The Fierce Form Of Goddess Shakti

Pillai Center will be invoking the fierce Goddess Chandi in a GrandFireLab to invoke her supreme blessings for protection. According to sacred texts, Goddess Chandi is the most ferocious form of ‘Aadi Parashakti’ (Supreme Goddess). She was originally created to destroy the evil demon Mahishasura....
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Brzee Abundance System

The Brzee Abundance System has been carefully designed to help you manifest abundance in all areas of your life, no matter what your background or experience level is. It does this by taking you through six progressive steps to fully integrate what is considered to...
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Reduce Uncertainties And Curbs Negativity

From June 2 until June 16, 2019 (IST), the aggressive planet Mars will be in close association with the nodal planet Rahu in the Mercury-ruled Gemini. According to Vedic astrology, this combination results in malefic effects as planets Mars and Rahu and Mercury and Mars...
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Spring Vedic Ceremony

Scriptures say that the mantra vibrations during the chanting can open up your mind and improve receptivity to accept the blessings of the Divine to restore and rejuvenate your wealth, profits, relationships, and health.
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