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A Methodology for Miracles

Miracles don’t happen at random. With the right understanding and tools, you can make them commonplace and an everyday occurrence.

According to the Siddhas, there is a place for thinking beyond logic and with the power to manifest outside of time…

The problem is the Midbrain has been ignored. Western Civilization–science and technology–has given importance to only the Neocortex. This Neocortex will not help you perform miracles because it is more into logic, into analytical thinking, and into more negativity.

For instance, if you want to manifest $100,000…

How, where, why, when… all the “W” words come up to stop the miracle and kill it. The frontal lobe will not allow miracles to happen.

When this shuts down, who cares how the money is going to come? Who cares how I’m going to get well? I want the tumor to disappear tomorrow; I want the money to show up in the bank tomorrow.

If you think that–and in a realistic form from the level of the Mid Brain Activation–it will happen.

The Yogi doesn’t care about the frontal lobe, and for him, cause and effect are the same. They don’t have to wait for any time to elapse.

Miracles are not in the realm of gods and goddesses, gurus and so forth. The Midbrain is within you. It is not active and because of this, you don’t have money. You are using the negative brain (neocortex) which doesn’t allow you financial freedom, relationship, or health. All of these areas need miracles.

You can create all of these miracles if you only move to the Midbrain.

God Bless,

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Learn to Make Miracles with the Midbrain Miracle Method

You can learn to expect miracles by turning on your Midbrain. In fact, the Midbrain is the secret behind thought-manifestation. Thoughts become things, but before they do, the frontal lobe wants to know the “how and why” of it.

The Midbrain is beyond logic, and when it becomes activated, your desires manifest in ways you couldn’t dream of.2

With the right guidance, it’s possible to learn how to take thoughts beyond the negative Neocortex, responsible for logic and planning, and into the Midbrain and a world of outrageous possibilities.

The package gathers premium material from Dr. Pillai’s exclusive 4-month program on the Midbrain, into a self-paced and easy to follow online course. Separated into 5 self-contained modules focusing on important areas of life often overlooked by traditional spiritual paths, it’s the most comprehensive course on the science and spiritual technology behind thought-manifestation.

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Get 3 Life-changing Initiations from Dr. Pillai to Activate the Midbrain and Improve 5 Major Aspects of Your Creation

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The program includes 3 powerful initiations from Dr. Pillai for making miracles a part of your everyday life. With empowered teachings, Siddha practices and meditations, you’ll have a solid Midbrain practice to consciously create your health, love, creativity, timelessness, and divinity

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