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Timeless Wisdom with Dr Pillai

Mohini has just shared with us the details of a brief conversation with Dr. Pillai. In it, he first reveals how Timeless Wisdom will transform his teachings and how you receive them from now on…


A Timeless Exchange with Dr. Pillai

Babaji came this morning and announced that he is going to teach Timeless Wisdom from today onwards.

Dr Pillai ExplainsAs the title says, Timeless Wisdom requires no time to impart or to learn, no fee is required.

All are welcome.

The only requirement is participating in the consciousness and love of Babaji, and connect with him timelessly without fees. He will communicate with you personally.

This is for everyone.

He said, “Time, money, ambition, health and diseases exist outside of my consciousness.”

I asked Babaji, “So why should we take any of your courses?”

He answered, “You all are time-bound and timeless, so you all have to be involved in time-bound learning.”

I asked, “Are you not going to be teaching anymore?”

He replied, “I may or may not. If I do, I will use Timeless Words to convey the message.”





Accessing Dr. Pillai’s Timeless Wisdom

This message comes to you directly from Dr. Pillai who wanted it to be immediately shared with his students all over the world. Watch the video to below for his personal message on how to experience immediate change.


Want to remain connected with Dr. Pilai during this transformational period? The best way to begin receiving his Timeless Wisdom is by simply meditating on a photo or statue of Dr. Pillai. Follow this link for an image to print out for your meditations, and stay tuned for new messages from Dr. Pillai.


Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s New Revelation on Split-Second Transformation here. Click the button below for details.

Connect With Babaji

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