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If you are like most of us, you’re feeling the constraints of a slow-moving life on earth in which you must abide by so-called “reality checks”— and endlessly waiting for changes to happen.

So not only are you hardly creating the life you love, but you’re also settling for much, much less than you deserve.

Unprecedented Event in the United Arab Emirates

If you are unhappy with your current lifestyle and you are in Dubai, or nearby, you now have a unique opportunity to change a depressing or dissatisfying scenario for a life extraordinaire.

Impossible? Very possible according to the latest findings in brain research and the teachings of Dr. Pillai.

In fact, the ordinary life you’re living—if that is your case—is not your fault, but rather a condition of the neocortex, the newer, linear and logical brain.

Ancient Teachings Proved by New Science Deliver an Exclusive Life2

Dr. Pillai’s paradigm for creating an exclusive life that showcases a happy relationship, perfect health and financial abundance is not a new one. Although it’s been validated by renowned scientific institutions, Dr. Pillai’s knowledge of the brain and human consciousness comes directly from ancient India and the Siddhas—a scientifically oriented and humanitarian yogic tradition interested in ending human suffering and enslavement to aging, disease and poverty.

In Dubai, Dr. Pillai will reveal methods of transformation, manifestation and radical change for dropping a life of struggles in favor of an extraordinarily fulfilling one.

His techniques are based on the activation of a super brain—surprisingly the midbrain, which is apparently the miracle-making part of the human brain. Some secret sounds form unique waves and vibration that permanently enhance the brain and its faculties. These vibrational sounds change the structure and function of the brain.

Creating your desired life becomes, then, easy and fast.

Dr. Pillai’s Bio and Goals

Dr. Pillai has been a speaker at the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum.

He holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and has been called by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “One of the most enlightened people on earth.”

He has founded the Pillai Center for Mind Science, an educational institution with the goal of expanding the human brain beyond its current capacities and ending human suffering by teaching how to create fulfilling and happy lives.

His paradigm includes a “200 percent life” that fulfills human destiny both on the material and spiritual planes.

Venue: Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Date: March 18, 2016

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s DUBAI EVENTS here. Click the button below for details.


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