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Mars will be in Scorpio February 20 – April 16, 2016 and astrology-savvy people are cringing at the thought.

In fact, although Mars is at home in Scorpio, he is joining a difficult planet of restriction and delay, Saturn.

Given the explosive nature of Scorpio and Mars, slow Saturn will be working at odds with Mars.

But as usual, you can thrive even in difficult planetary alignments provided you’re equipped with adequate advice and guidelines.

So here for you are three reasons why you can win in your plans for personal change, relationship, projects and finances when Mars joins Saturn in the area of secrets, occult knowledge, hidden resources and exaggerated fears.

1. Trust your inner self

There’s no hiding this—Mars will be moving ahead in diagonal, hidden ways, holding back from revealing his plans.

But plans there will be, because Mars is the planet of action and motivation.

So if your intentions include taking up a new path or life purpose, you’ll be supported all the way.

Saturn won’t mind you becoming more ethical, more spiritual, more compassionate and more self-disciplined on your way to self-transformation.

Now you might realize that your soul yearns for a courageous escape from conventional behaviors that keep you stuck in the “consensus reality.”

Mars will hand you the strength to stand up for yourself. This planet will work along with Saturn in positive ways as long as your reasons are pure.

2. Work your hardest for excellent results3

Good news—Saturn and Mars together can take up unprecedented amounts of work and won’t balk at taking on more projects than you can think.

If you are an archeologist, geologist, engineer, medical researcher, or working in fields of fuel-based energy, gemstones, precious metals and other hidden resources, you’re in luck.

You’ll love the help of Saturn supporting his ruler Mars.

If you’re an athlete, you’ll train forcefully and might wear yourself down—but you’ll get awesome results in the end.

This planetary combination might make you so motivated that you’ll get into your best physical shape ever.

Your research will keep you up at night—you might work in secrecy, but when Mars enters Sagittarius you’ll reveal your discoveries to the world and surprise all.

Note: Remember to keep the good of all in mind, or you might have to deal with Saturn’s displeasure and punishment.

3. Remedies for all situations

Many irrational fears will skyrocket during this transit. But if you strengthen Mars with remedial measures, you won’t feel the negative aspects of the Saturn-Mars conjunction.

Some fears are well founded, though.

An example of this could be seen 30 years ago—when Saturn and Mars were last together in Scorpio in January, February and March 1986—with the secret plans surrounding Chernobyl and its nuclear energy.

At that time, many voiced fears that this plant might cause environmental problems.

All activities within the plants were kept hidden by the authorities—as one would expect during this conjunction in Scorpio.

But as you probably know, the truth about the precarious conditions at Chernobyl came out on April 26, 1986, after Mars moved to Sagittarius—the time when this facility caused one of the most destructive nuclear disasters of all times.

While Mars is in Scorpio, anything explosive on the physical or metaphorical level (in the form of emotions) requires caution.

To make sure you’ll experience only the good side of the planets in the next two months, you can appease Mars in one or more of the following ways:

  • On Tuesdays (and in the Mars hora) recite OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA 108 times. Ask Mars for courage and self-discipline.
  • Sponsor a fire ritual to Hanuman, the God of impossibility who controls both Mars and Saturn.
  • Participate in professional rituals and Fire Labs (or fire rituals) to Mars and Muruga, the overlord of the Red Planet. This last step is perhaps the most effective to receive help in real estate, finances and removal of debts. Ask Muruga to keep you safe at all times. Additionally, your health and relationships will witness a boost or healing.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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