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FREE Live Webinar Feb. 20th, 8 am PT

Do you want effective spiritual tools, blending ancient Siddha wisdom and practical, scientific methods that get you miraculous results?

Join long time student and Pillai Center coach, Gina Guerrieri for a behind the scenes look at Dr. Pillai’s unique vision for humanity, and receive 3 free tools to enhance 3 important areas of life: Money, Love & God.

There is a saying in Sanskrit, “Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavati.”

You become as you think.

Poverty or prosperity is within our own mindset, and we have to correct it.

There are dynamics involved for correcting consciousness that has lapsed into negative qualities. I teach a number of techniques to strengthen our consciousness.

Problems that we are facing have been created collectively by us. Nothing comes into existence without consciousness, so we are collectively responsible for crisis.

That’s good and bad. It’s bad because we have to go through this, but it is good because it also implies that we can fix it. We created a problem, and we can fix it too.

It’s consciousness that creates everything, whether it is prosperity or poverty.

There are spiritual principles and techniques to get back to strength and prosperity.

Free Webinar: 3 Tools to Enhance Money, Love & God in Your Life Now

On February 20th, Part 2 of the Human Evolution Web Series is focusing on Pillai Center, an educational and integral part s3of Dr. Pillai’s mission. Join long term student and Pillai Center teacher, Gina Guerrieri, for an intimate look at Dr. Pillai’s history, from his birth and early scholarly pursuits to his ever evolving, personal spiritual journey.

Pillai Center is making a lifetime of Dr. Pillai’s teachings accessible to students around the world, forever, including advanced courses finally seeing the light.

You’ll learn about the variety of life-transforming programs at Pillai Center Academy and more.

In this free, live webinar, Gina will be teaching 3 special techniques you can apply to your life immediately and begin enhancing 3 crucial areas of your life:

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Mark your calendars and bookmark the link below to watch Part 2 of the Human Evolution Web Series this weekend…

February 20th, 8 am PT | 11 pm ET

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Grand Royalty & Enlightenment Full Moon

Once every 12 years, a rare celestial alignment occurs, known as “Grand Masi Magha”. This power time offers an opportunity for immense karmic purification, as well as an enormous upgrade to your consciousness, including the royalty thinking of kings and the spiritual blissfulness of the enlightened Siddhas. Be part of this rare interactive, live event.

Feb 21st, at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET / 6:30 am IST (Feb 22nd)

Find out more about Dr. Pillai’s HUMAN EVOLUTION WEB SERIES here. Click the button below for details.


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