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Hanuman Colors PC Blog

Hanuman, who is the Monkey-God, is tremendously powerful, and proper knowledge of the Monkey-God is necessary in order to establish a connection with him.

                                                                                                                                                                                             – Dr. Pillai

Receive Help From the Monkey-God

Dr. Pillai recently revealed the secret behind the “birthdays” of Divine Archetypes. On Hanuman’s birthday, His unique powers reach their peak on the earth plane, allowing you to “give birth” to the Monkey-God within your own consciousness.

Hanuman is very important for everyone of you who is breathing.

Hanuman is an energy, an archetypal energy and existence symbolized by your own breath.

He is breathing—not human nostril breathing—but the breathing of the soul within your own brain. h2


The less air you breathe, the longer you live. Hanuman holds the truth, the secret of breathing in the highest fashion.

His method is superb to contain breathing and acquire the highest wisdom.

Humans can evolve to a level of perfection like Hanuman, who represents omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence.

That possibility is there for everyone through the help of Hanuman.

The Archetype of Hanuman is really the hope for humanity.

In India, Hanuman statues are coming up everywhere. Humongous statues, sixty or seventy feet, everywhere.

They have been built very recently which means that the archetype is very much alive and is trying to help humanity.

It’s very strange because the archetype is represented in two ways: one is a very miniature form, like one foot tall; and the other is about seventy feet tall.

This archetype can assume these forms and do things that are humanly impossible.

God Bless,

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