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We live in extraordinary times when many understand that their thoughts are affecting their experiences.

But most are still catching on, as thoughts and sounds not only affect your daily life, but rather they create from scratch the unique sets of events in your life.

The truth about sounds was known since ancient times

Information on sounds was encoded in the passage of the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

So will different words change your current life into what you’d like it to be?

Absolutely, according to Dr. Pillai and the perfected beings known as Siddha—a very ancient and secretive yogic tradition with the primary goal of assisting humanity in ending suffering and acquiring super tools for evolution and happiness.

End karmic negativity with this free program

While our everyday words are rife with negativity that we take for granted, mantras or super sounds devised by yogis throughout history can turn your brain into a positive and powerful instrument for an exceptionally successful life.

This is also the goal behind a free program, “Sounds for Success,” offered by Dr. Pillai through his Pillai Center Academy.

The reason is—you don’t need to suffer anymore. Money and lack of time are no object: this program can be accessed at your pace, from your home (or office) and at no cost.

Sounds for Success is the fruit of Dr. Pillai’s unending compassion for us. He knows that the Siddhas can create anything at super speed through their siddhis (or superpowers) and super brains. So he wishes the same for humanity.

Perhaps surprisingly, when all our material problems are solved and our IQs enhanced, we experience love for all and desire for God.

Acquire superpowers with specific sounds1

Which area of life is causing you stress? Dr. Pillai has identified five key areas where everyone can use some help.

The first is karma—or preset tendencies of your mind that will bring you thoughts leading to good or bad experiences. Sadly, most human karma is bad.

In fact, all the problems in the remaining four areas, health, relationship, money and enlightenment, stem from karma:

The “Sounds for Success” program provides you with the equivalent vibrations for experiencing desirable changes in the above areas.

You can start with the order of importance for you.

In Sounds for Success, Dr. Pillai reveals to you formerly secret mantrassounds to turn a dissatisfying or mediocre life into a desirable 200 percent life that fulfills your material needs for happy relationships, great finances, perfect health, and that can ultimately lead you to a satisfying connection with God.

Because, ideally, a happy life must develop and fulfill your spiritual and divine nature, too.

In Dr. Pillai’s words: “Mantras are power sounds pulled from the sky by yogis. For example, there’s a mantra for protection, because you don’t know who is your enemy or who is putting an evil eye on you.

“The mantra will give you a shield of protection. That’s why it’s important to do fire rituals—because they multiply the powers of the mantras.”

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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