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A Lifetime of Teachings in One Place

Dr. Pillai’s teachings cover everything from clearing past-life karma, to creating divine relationships, and even ultimate enlightenment. Now, over 40 years of work are being immortalized and gathered in one location available for all…

In this intense ‘inner-active’ period of my life, many things that bothered me have now become very clear in terms of finding solutions. I thought I would share my findings with those of you who have been following me for many years.

I’m really happy that finally we have come to a stage in human history where we can find solutions for our health, which is primarily important, and also for our wealth, and for the general well being of the human race.

From 2016 onward, we will have access to a different technology.

This is my personal message to all of humanity. Wealth is not billions of dollars. That’s not wealth. Wealth is only knowledge.

Whatever I do is not from the books. They have been revealed to me, and this knowledge is to create a new humanity.

God bless

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Class is in Session at Pillai Center Academy

The first online portal to access Dr. Pillai’s life-changing teachings is here. With so much material, both published and not, choosing a technique or designing a routine for yourself has been daunting, to say the least. Through Pillai Center Academy, we’ve started capturing the best, most effective, and most relevant teachings from over 40 years of Dr. Pillai’s work.

As Dr. Pillai traveled the world, sharing the secrets of his Siddha lineage along with his own personal revelations, students gathered a PCA course materials xwealth of invaluable knowledge, preparing for the right technology and time to release it. Now the time is right, and with Pillai Center Academy, you’ll have lifetime access to the wisdom and tools to change your destiny.

There are courses to match your specific needs, including your level of commitment and budget. Course features include:

  • carefully designed curriculum for success
  • email support
  • companion PDFs and Quick Guides
  • downloadable audio files, meditations, and mantra loops

5 Techniques for Life Solutions and Human Evolution

The ‘Sounds for Success’ online course features five core techniques taught by Dr. Pillai to create success in all areas of life. This is the ideal starting point for both new students and veterans of Dr. Pillai’s life-changing teachings.

Learn the Power Sounds for 5 Crucial Areas in Life:

x sfs relationshipsx sfs moneyx sfs karmic freedomx sfs healthx sfs enlightenment


Sign Up and enroll in the Sound for Success online course FREE.


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