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If last month you felt an all-consuming desire to increase your assets prompted by needs of career success and lasting security—spiced with some fear around your future—you were most likely experiencing the effects of the Sun in Capricorn.

Now the tables turn as the Sun moves into socially conscious Aquarius.

“What’s in it for others” replaces “what’s in it for me.”

While your wishes for personal success won’t disappear entirely, you’ll find that recognition and validation will come to you via your efforts to improve society.

You can now gain big by focusing on more just social reforms, a better future for humanity and pleasing large crowds.

Stress can cause our vision to narrow as we perceive ourselves as separate from others. But the truth is that everything you do affects the welfare of all and the existence of everything on our planet.

So here for you is an easy five-step plan to have it all—the cake to eat and the cake to keep. By putting others first, you won’t lose anything, but rather you’ll climb the success ladder, achieve your goals and gain prestige.

1. Give others what they want

Becoming powerful by empowering others may seem like a paradox.

Yet your sincere concern for everyone whose life touches yours can now make you both rich and famous.

In fact, the Sun rules from authority to career, to your soul, to higher vision, to generosity and to power.

Aquarius can be symbolized by a packed concert hall—not an elitist symphony, but more like Woodstock and mass-oriented culture. Here traditional values are improved through innovative measures that will last, making it into history books.

2. Hard work for social change

Aquarius consists of factory workers, unions, research and data amassing, astrology studies, large gatherings of people plus concerns and consideration towards proletarian communities.

The Sun rules leadership and Saturn, lord of Aquarius, the underprivileged.

Both the Sun and Saturn are fully aware of their responsibilities towards others. So now using your powerful gifts and exercising your authority to help others will lay the path to win-win outcomes for you and your fellow humans.

3. Spiritual awareness at the basis of your success

Selfishness is traditionally at odds with spiritual evolution. Generosity and compassion are core traits of great individuals and lead to making this a better world.

By increasing your selfless deeds and focusing on strong work ethics you’ll be a royal that is loved by all.

Fortunately, Jupiter will gaze at the Sun so your righteous motives will be stronger than any selfish tendency.

4. King or snob?1

Achieving royalty consciousness is, according to Dr. Pillai and the Siddha tradition, a positive goal centered on the underlying divinity of your origins.

However, when a king or queen looks down on others and discriminates on the basis of ‘birth’ and possessions, nobility of character or consciousness turns into a most destructive tendency—prejudice.

Seek pure consciousness to become a royal that loves others and is beloved in return.

5. Spiritual tools for success

Admittedly, the Sun and Saturn dislike each other, so remedial tools will help you with achieving your goals of wealth and success.

Additionally, the Sun is meeting with another enemy—a shadow planet, Ketu, which causes eclipses.

This is a double blow to the Sun’s power.


  • On Sundays, invoke the Sun 108 times with the Om Suryaya Namaha sound waves
  • Order a Fire Lab, or fire ritual, to the Sun and Shiva
  • Be generous and you’ll be rewarded when others recognize you as an innovative and generous leader in your field

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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