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pcblog post 6-8-2015 - true contentment

Exalted Jupiter is now ‘aspecting’ through his glance the planet of hard work, Saturn, and several scenarios are likely:

  • You want justice and ignore temptations.
  • You are inspired to work towards a higher vision.
  • You feel compassion for others.

Jupiter embodies space and dharma, or truth and righteousness. Saturn signifies order, perseverance and enduring tough karma.

Together these planets can achieve the impossible, because hard work combined with higher vision can conquer it all. You have this opportunity until July 13th.

New possibilities are now showing up in your life—and when Jupiter is involved, there are lucky chances for wealth and evolution.

Despite popular belief, the spiritual and the material realms are closely connected—and that is the reason why Dr. Pillai advocates a struggle-free material life and a deeper connection to our inborn divinity: a “200 percent life.”

Our physical, emotional or psychological diseases often stem from neglecting our inner lives.

So here is an opportunity for yielding some awesome gifts coming from the current planetary conditions.

These three intentions, when firmly held in your mind and heart, will ensure benefiting from fortunate opportunities.

1. Trust yourself

A famous spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba, once said, “If you don’t trust yourself, who are you going to trust?”

It’s not a message that we usually find in media or schools—where power is deferred to authority figures.

‘Trust yourself’ is a common phrase only in spiritual circles and not the advice of psychologists, doctors, or even politicians.

It all starts within—by looking within through ‘self-referral’, you will know that you can be on a successful track, whether it’s in business, relationship or health. Your intention will organize the necessary events for experiencing desired changes in your life.

“If you can conceive it, you will get it,” says Dr. Pillai of this great power existing in you.

By giving yourself permission to trust yourself, you will notice the following:

  • You relax and start breathing better.
  • Calmer breath in turn calms the mind.
  • A calmer mind will experience clearer thoughts and less fear.
  • Clear thinking will sprout opportunities.
  • Your intuition will flourish.

Spiritual experts tell us that clarity and peace are prerequisites for intuitive knowledge and lucky coincidences.

The highway to peace and clarity is meditation. This need not be a fancy practice.

Sit in a quiet place for just 15 minutes and close your eyes. Silently repeat a sacred sound such as OM, or recite the sound waves for Jupiter, OM GURAVE NAMAHA. You can also keep your attention on your breath. It’s as simple as that.

pcblog post 6-8-2015 - prayer

2. Keep your faith in a Higher Power

We all experience doubts. Our brains are designed and trained for logic and skepticism. When you hold an intention to connect with your Source at all times, you will feel inspired by a vision of life beyond current mundane concerns. A life of miracles.

  • You will know that somehow you always find a solution.
  • You will see that you are mysteriously guided.
  • A dream, an idea, a stranger will bring you an unexpected perspective.
  • You will feel connected to life and others.

Most of our suffering comes from feeling disconnected.

3. Expand your range

A complete focus on our own desires invariably stifles the source of true happiness. Then creativity suffers and we feel lonely even in the company of our loved ones.

Saturn teaches that we can’t live in a vacuum and that we must help others. Choosing even one compassionate activity a week, by helping, feeding, or comforting those who are suffering the most—elderly, veterans, homeless and impoverished people, etc.—will bring you happiness and peace of mind.

You are benefitting another soul who will in turn bless you.

Repeating OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA will help you to contact Saturn and receive his much-needed blessings. Saturn can make you a millionaire and help you commit to both your work and others.

These outcomes will ultimately bring you wisdom and peace of mind.

Universal Order and Truth

were born of blazing spiritual fire,

from whence night was born

from the billowy ocean of space

— Rig Veda 10.190.1-3

Enjoy the energies!

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