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pcblog post 6-15-2015 - hold onto hat

A transit of the Sun is always big news and, although this luminary moves every 30 days, he brings huge energetic shifts wherever he goes. It’s now an air sign, Gemini, which will host and receive the Sun’s light and energy for a full month, from June 14 until July 15.

Gemini is one of the most dynamic sectors of the zodiac and when the Sun arrives here bringing power, focus and soul intelligence, your whole life and personality may be transformed.

Now you can get your iPads, laptops and notebooks ready—because Mercury-ruled Gemini represents communication. This is a sign that loves talking, experiencing through ideas and through the senses as well.

Gemini is experimental, curious, poking into news, technology and all kinds of gadgets. Here Mercury is also interested in business and marketing.

The Sun, being both the king and the father, can exert his huge influence in all the above areas. Imagine a government that communicates through a spokesperson and its PR team and sells bonds. This is also the placement for a well-connected PR person who can write effectively and knows media and influential people. The Sun in Gemini indicates also a businessman who speaks well and could sell sand to those living in the desert.

So if you are thinking, “How will the Sun influence me from Gemini and how can I benefit the most from his transit?” wonder no more. Read these five easy ways to be on the receiving end of tons of energy and power, both in your career and business.

  1. Communicate your vision

You now have a wonderful opportunity to tell the world about your career, your business ideas and your skills. You can send out your proposals and press releases with good results. Through technological means, writing and public speaking you can introduce yourself to the world at large. In this process you can also find a new job more suitable for you. 

  1. Use your power wisely

Mercury is flexible and neutrally inclined to all points of view, which is great. However he can also get in trouble for the same reasons—because he has to work harder at maintaining an ethical stand.

The generous Sun here can be flexible, but you must use your power to influence others only if it’s a win-win for all—and your soul will then benefit from it.

pcblog post 6-15-2015 - teamwork

  1. Empower others too

The Sun in Gemini can indicate a clever businessman. Gemini’s influence on the Sun can increase one’s focus on the bottom line, so at work make sure that you are also empowering your team. Words of encouragement to others can help you close a better deal and everyone will profit. 

  1. Take it down a notch

Mars will join the Sun just a day after his entrance into Gemini. These two planets are good friends and can help each other, however, planets too close to the Sun can get burned and this is now the case with Mars.

Make sure that your business strategies and your communication in newsletters and emails aren’t too pushy or boisterous. Communicate with authority, but politely.

  1. Cool off

At any time, maintain a sense of humor—one of Mercury’s best traits—so you don’t come across the wrong way: you might mean no harm, but someone may read your words as arrogant. So stay calm and consider other people’s needs as well.

The best way of minimizing heat and explosive energies is through spiritual means. Recite the Sun’s special sounds, OM SURYAYA NAMAHA, to receive help and connect with this luminary’s highest influence.

Defuse tension at work and in your communication by taking time off and being flexible. You can also invoke Mars with these sound waves: OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA.

Rituals and fire rituals to both Sun and Mars will give the best results.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi

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