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What can you do when every aspect of your life plunges into uncertainty and stasis? Or worse, when you feel stuck in molasses-like delays?

According to Vedic astrology, three celestial bodies are now going backward or retrograde and haunting issues from the past (and which you believed forever solved and archived) are now back—in many cases with a vengeance.

Moreover, on April 9 Mercury will also start retrograding. So until May 3, you’ll likely experience confusion in travel and communication, or a tech breakdown.

This makes four (4) planets acting unpredictably.

Fortunately, the Vedic science of light or astrology brings us a wealth of solutions to fix a relationship, recover money after loss, mend a misunderstanding and settle into lasting happiness.

The Rishis and Siddhas of India, in fact, considered sorrow totally unacceptable and perfectly solvable.

So here’s for you a little guide to fix what’s already bugging you—in technology, finances, and relationship. Plus, some easy tips to stay inspired and trust in a better future. You’ll then see immediate improvements in all aspects of your life.

How you feel

Being a sensitive being is not a bad thing and you’re right if you feel unsettled at the moment.

Retrograde planets aren’t actually turning around, but from our earthly vantage point they seem so.

We have plenty of recorded data showing the effects of these retrogrades on human lives. It might feel as though both inanimate matter and trusted people aren’t as they once were.

For example—Venus is supposed to bring you relationship bliss, beauty and luxurious items. When retrograde, this planet is more likely to cause relationship havoc or stall a decorating plan.

In another case—Jupiter brings you faith and hope and expands your wealth. As it retraces its course in the Milky Way, its influence can diminish your faith and your optimism.

Also—Saturn retrograde can bring more stress and we risk giving in to fear and doubt.




Get happiness from Venus

According to Vedic wisdom, we experience Venus’ best influence when we feel happy for no particular reason.

Of course, this ideal state can be elusive as we often attribute our happiness to people in our lives and material comforts.

Retrograde Venus is now closer to the earth plane and stronger. Vedic solutions include connecting with this planet at a deeper level.

  • Recite OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA 108 times every day or on Fridays.
  • Sponsor a Fire Lab or fire ritual to Venus to bring love back or beautify your wardrobe, home or to buy a new car.

Get Jupiter’s unshakeable optimism and good fortune

Traditionally, Jupiter’s positivity is believed to banish all grief and remove up to 1 million difficulties from your life.

Such is its immensely liberating effect on our consciousness.

Jupiter is also the planet of wealth, children, spiritual faith and knowledge.

  • Ask for help from Jupiter on a Thursday and recite OM GURAVE NAMAHA 108 times.
  • Sponsor a Jupiter Fire Lab or other professionally performed ceremonies involving light and mantra
  • Donate yellow clothes to a teacher or priest.

Get Saturn’s help for your promotion and evolution

No planet can mature us as fast as Saturn. This process is inversely proportional to his painfully slow movement. His lessons of compassion, charity and perseverance can humble even a king.

A lesson learned takes you to getting the promotion and job stability you seek and brings you spiritual gifts.

  • Pray in your own words to Saturn on a Saturday or in the Saturn hora. Ask for rewards in your work and career.
  • Recite OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA 108 times. Humbly ask for help and promise you’ll help elderly and disabled people.
  • Sponsor a Fire Lab to Saturn.
  • Feed the poor. Feed animals.

Get Mercury’s flawless communication and increase profits

You’ve probably experienced one or more of the following: endless phone tagging, a tablet falling in the pool, losing your precious data, getting into an argument after uttering innocent words, sending the wrong email, misplacing an important document, a long-delayed flight.

The above are typical scenarios of Mercury retrograde. Fortunately, those are also unusual moments and not your everyday life in a retrograde.

  • Call on Mercury and ask him to fix your tech and business issues. Ask for help with your presentation and research.
  • Recite 108 times OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA on Wednesdays or every day.
  • Sponsor a fire ritual to Mercury or Vishnu.


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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