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This week we are into Navaratri or Nine Nights of the Goddess.  This period of time is split into the energies of three goddesses – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. These goddesses are going to give us strength, courage and consciousness to manifest whatever we want on this earth plane, whether it be material or spiritual wealth. Learn more.

This nine nights is going to end with the Birthday of Rama, a man-god.  Dr. Pillai says, “The story of Rama cannot be fathomed by human intelligence. Rama’s story is happening all the time in one galaxy or another. Rama sacrificed more than any Avatar, absorbing human suffering in totality. The 9th Waxing Moon (Rama Navami) is his birthday. Birthdays of Gods provide a link to them. Therefore, it is very important to meditate, worship or visit their temples on this day. Spend the 9th day thinking of Rama and praying to him.” Read more about Rama here.

Dr. Pillai is giving us the secret tools that we need to access the energies of the goddesses that will help us to manifest our own destinies. This is going to help us tap into our “inner existence”.  Where are we putting our energies and thoughts?  Are we diving deep into our inner selves or are we getting sidetracked by the drama of the exterior world?  Are we getting frustrated in our spiritual journey? Are we using meditation as a medication? Do we suffer from survival anxiety?  This is why we have come to Dr. Pillai.  Dr. Pillai is a fully enlightened master who has come to the earth plane to help us and the whole human race to evolve. He teaches us to access the NOW by going inside.  He tells us to get into our Shushumna, or the thin tube of light that extends up from the base of the spine, piercing the chakras and leaves the top of the head into the space above.  Then we concentrate on the spot between the eyebrows.  This is the location of the third eye or the pineal gland. This is where we contact the Divine Being that lives inside each of us.

Dr. Pillai warns us to take action to dissolve our “bad” karma.  He is not being negative, he is trying to save us from ourselves!  He is very emphatic about this because he is here help us!

Important Upcoming Events This Week: Check the Pillai Center and the AstroVed Event Calendars for other upcoming events. Depending on where you live, the day of the week will be different.  Check the Panchang with your location to see when you should be observing the rituals.

April 2-5, 2017


Worship Saraswati on these three nights.  Dr. Pillai says “Female Power is the most powerful Energy. Beauty, expansion, fertility, joy, abundance – all these are qualities of the Feminine. It is only available during certain configurations of celestial timing. Yogis eagerly watch for this time to be in harmony with the power of the Mother Goddess.” Learn more.

Monday, April 3rd, 2017 3:35 AM EST

8th Moon – Timeline Jumping

Kala Bhairava has the ability to dissolve repetitive negative patterns that result in procrastination, lethargy, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Kala Bhairava makes you value your time so you can make the best use of the opportunities at hand and maximize gains. Learn more.

Wednesday, April 5th @ 11:45 PM EST

11th Moon – Ekadasi

The 11th Waxing Moon, or Ekadasi, is a Power Day for spiritual growth, as well as material gains, because Vishnu, the archetype of wealth, is highly active on this day. It is this day that can help you discover the higher knowledge for finding happiness and wealth. As you begin to cultivate a relationship with this archetype of wealth and always think positively and confidently about him, Vishnu helps you successfully manifest prosperity in your life Vishnu is in charge of heaven. Perform the tarpanam for departed ancestors this day.   Chant Om Namo Narayanaya. Read more.

Friday, April 7th 11:30 PM EST – Saturday April 8th 11:59PM EST

13th Moon – Pradosham

A 13th Moon that falls on a Saturday is called Sani Pradosham (Sani means Saturn) and it’s special, because the original Pradosham occurred on a Saturday.  So the upcoming Sani Pradosham (Saturn Pradosham) will be an extra powerful Pradosham. Also Sani Pradosham is the time that collectively we need to participate by observing Pradosham and praying to Shiva.  Learn more.

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