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happy venus

Looking at news and media outlets might leave us with the false impression that good manners and diplomatic communication are things of the past—obsolete and unhelpful in today’s fast-paced world where bottom line and personal satisfaction come first.

But nothing could be farther from truth when we look deeper. Venus is now in Gemini—where open mindedness, flexibility and, yes, gracious communication, are keys to our happiness.

Siddhas, Rishis and yogis tell us that planets’ vibrations are inescapable and it’s up to us to go with their flow and use our free will to make good decisions, or struggle in a sea of opposition and red tape.

These six tips will make your communication, relationships and overall exchanges with others more pleasant, fruitful and lastingly positive while Venus is in Gemini until May 30th.

1. Sweeter vocabulary

Admittedly, our modern language is ridden with toughness: ‘Kick start’ and ‘impacting’, for example, often replace tamer words such as ‘launch and ‘influence’. But Venus is unimpressed with this tendency—use a softer tone this week and you’ll receive help in relationships and from coworkers. This may even make your business more profitable.


2. Devotional approach

We like independence and taking credit for our good work. But more often than not, we owe our happiness and achievements to our families, teachers and even coworkers.

While Venus is exchanging signs with Mercury, planet of business and communication, show your devotion to others openly for better results in your personal and social life. Your happiness quotient will skyrocket when you remember that a fair and loving environment makes even tedious work easier and more creative.

happy goddess

3. Ask the Goddess

Venus is associated with the divine feminine and Goddesses can manifest your wishes and bring you happiness fast. Dr. Pillai says that the Goddess is real, not a figment of human imagination.

At a moment’s notice you can connect with these celestial beings through some special vibrational sounds:

  • OM KLEEM PARVATI NAMAHA (for help in relationships).
  • OM SHREEM LAKSHMI NAMAHA (for assistance in financial issues).
  • OM AIM SARASWATI NAMAHA (for ease in your creative and intellectual pursuits and in understanding divine knowledge).

4. Planetary connections

Connect with Venus and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) with their specific sound waves and receive help in areas of publishing, technology, social and media events and more:

  • OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (108 times on Fridays to receive Venus’ benefic influence).
  • OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (108 times on Wednesdays for the positive rays of Mercury).

5. Colorful help

Since science and the Siddhas tell us that everything in the universe can be reduced to vibrations and sounds, you can wear the traditional colors that represent Venus and Mercury to resonate with their energy.

Colors and gems vibrate at frequencies reflecting the vibrations of the correspondent planets. Enjoy green clothes for Mercury and white or pink for Venus. Even a scarf or handkerchief in those colors can contribute to a positive connection with these planets.

6. Ask the experts

Last but not least, you can ask a Vedic astrologer how Mercury and Venus are influencing your life at this time or in the upcoming months. Knowledge is power and expert guidance on how you can make the best of planetary trends can truly turn your life around.

Enjoy the energies!

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