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Dr. Pillai describes how your Destiny is in your hands, or more accurately, your mind..

new life

Destiny is a choice that everybody is making, and nobody understands that they can change their destiny if they really, really want to change it, because every moment is new.

The first thing that one has to understand is self-worth.

Regardless of the fact that you have a very poor bank balance, or no bank balance at all; you don’t have a good relationship, nor health, nor beauty, you still are Gods. That is precisely my message.

My obligation to be here on this earth plane is a choice that I made to remind you—not only remind you, but also give you a technology—to reclaim your divinity, and that’s as simple as that. I’m here only to do that purpose.

My teachings change not everyday, but every minute.

For instance, I have taught the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali for many, many years, and the last time I taught was during my birthday. If I have to teach this today, it will be different. Why? Because knowledge moves forward as time moves forward. That’s why time and its movement are so important; it reveals greater knowledge.

Just think about the knowledge, science and technology that we are going to have in the year 3000. We will be looked at by the people in the year 3000 as primitive people who didn’t have understanding, but were still very proud of their sciences and technologies.

The Yogis have a different model. They say that the year 3000 is not “out there,” but “in here.” You have to shift the attention of your mind, of your brain, of your thinking—then you can change your reality instantaneously.

If you are able to think anew every day, think thoughts that are very productive, rewarding, more intelligent—then you have changed your destiny.

You have a choice to live with the same thoughts that give you a reality which you have already known, which you think is not going to change. You can change them. How do you change them? By changing your thought patterns. How do you change your thought patterns? By understanding the brain more.

It is not simply slavery to the neocortex that is going to give you a good life. We are slaves to the frontal lobe, slaves to the neocortex—the mushroom-shaped brain that is sitting on top of the older reptilian brain.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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