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Why did Christ come to the Earth plane? Or, for that matter, why did any Messiah from God, belonging to any religion, come to this Earth plane?

They all came with one message, whether it is the Buddha, or whether it is Christ. They came here with the message to help humanity out of suffering.

“Life is Suffering” – The Buddha

Everyone is suffering. Six hundred years before Christ, the Buddha said, “Life is suffering.” That is the first truth that the Buddha revealed. No matter what, life is suffering. No matter who you are, life is suffering. There are many reasons why life is suffering.

Swami Ramalingam, who lived in the nineteenth century, said that “Until the body turns into light, you will have suffering because this organic body of flesh and blood is meant to give us suffering and pain. You are hurt every time by the mind, and also by the body.”

You have to transcend that.

The Way Out of Suffering

Human liberation is going to be understanding our true nature. Our true nature is “Sat-Chit-Ananda.” We must understand the Divine and become the Divine. Only at that level can we transcend suffering.

Everybody is now running after money. I am NOT against money. That’s how I differ from the teachings of Christ. Everybody needs money. I see and I preach and I teach techniques that will help you to make money.

The Kingdom Within

Once you get beyond the mind, then you understand who you are. The most important thing is to understand the kingdom that is within us, not without us. It is to go deep inside and understand who you are. Then you will know: “Oh my God! I am already God!” There is no reason for me to suffer, and that is the most important thing.

The important thing is to understand the reality beyond the mind and to go within. To go within is the message because within is where you find the kingdom, not outside.

Jesus Taught Through Miracle More Than Through Words

Jesus came here with that intention, and he did not live long in the body. He did a lot, and all his teachings were through miracles. He cured the diseased people. He gave eyes to the blind. He raised the dead. He acted only through miracles. He reminded people that miracles are possible only through one thing, and that is faith. He insisted that people have Faith.

Have faith in the one that God has sent to this Earth plane, and the faith is going to do everything for you. This is the ultimate teaching of Jesus…

“If you have faith, you can move mountains”

What is faith? My own definition of faith is “utter positivity”. There is no negativity at all in faith. It is not a metaphysical concept. It is something that you believe in – positivity. What is positivity? 

Positivity is: I will be delivered, not after death, but right now, in this moment, from my financial problems, my relationship problems, my sickness, and so on and so forth.

God Bless.

Dr. Pillai 

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